John Boehner is the Problem

John Boehner is the Problem

John Boehner

Being a member of Congress is a privilege; no one should take it lightly. A very small number of men and women, (535), affect not only the lives of 330 million people, but the future of our nation within the world. If they work hard, researching every piece of legislation before them, America becomes a progressive nation. If they display insanity by performing a single task over and over with the same results, our country becomes stagnant and begins to regress. Congress has an approval rating of less than 15 percent, and that percentage will likely decrease as the 114th Congress has already demonstrated that it will accomplish very little in the form of crucial legislation in the next two years. Although it is true that many of our elected Congressmen are unqualified to hold their positions, the blame for our broken government must rest firmly on the shoulders of their leaders. Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader; that is a misnomer, he is not a leader. The most powerful figure in the Republican led Congress is the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. The Speaker is leading the nation backwards; John Boehner is the problem, and the reason why our government is failing its people.

Boehner assumed the office of Speaker in 2011. Under his leadership the House has failed to pass a single significant piece of legislation. Instead he has lead his constituents backwards, attempting to repeal legislation which has a positive effect on the majority of the American people. Boehner is responsible for the 112th and 113th Congress’ being the most ineffective in our nation’s history.

In an effort to display his position of power, Boehner made a controversial move which may not only make him appear more of a fool, but also damage international relations with one of our strongest allies.

Boehner bypassed protocol and invited the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to speak before Congress. This action appears nowhere in his job description. He is an elected member of a legislative body, and passing important legislation is his only true function. What Boehner has created is a firestorm, and mistrust.

Netanyahu and President Obama are in disagreement over a singular issue. The President is exploring negotiations with Iran relating to its nuclear program. Bluntly put, Netanyahu wants to destroy Iran.

Neither the President, or Vice-President Joe Biden, will be present if Netanyahu appears before Congress next month. Netanyahu’s speech may not become a reality. Israelis are fearful that bypassing Mr. Obama may increase the strain on relations between the two nations. At this time, Netanyahu is adamant that he will travel to the United States next month.

There are allegations by an Israeli official that Boehner deceived Netanyahu when he invited him to appear before Congress. A Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister, appearing on radio, indicated that Boehner misled the Prime Minister, who believed that President Obama had been informed of the request to appear before Congress. Regardless, Netanyahu’s plans have not changed; he is coming to America. His visit has been dissected by foreign policy experts. He lacks unified support from Democrats in Congress and hopes to influence a change in attitude; and he is seeking reelection in Israel, believing that this visit will influence voters. Netanyahu’s strategy may backfire; Democrats have considered boycotting the speech.

How did Boehner win reelection as the Speaker once again? The sad reality is that there was no one else qualified in the Republican Party to hold the position.

For the American people, the bottom line is, ‘you get who you vote for.’ Selecting your representatives by letter; ‘R’ or ‘D,’ guarantees only one thing; a failed government.

By James Turnage


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  1. James, you carry the water bucket for Dear Leader, like no other. John Boehner is the problem and the reason is that both in 2010 (when GOP still remained the minority in the Senate) and 2014 the majority of the people in this country REJECTED Dear Leader (Red Diaper Baby) and his policies and Boehner did not respect the mandate of the people to reject Obama’s “fundamental changing” of the country that we love. James, you are doing your best to protect your guy and you come across like an (I cannot say it because children may accidentally read this post).