American Citizens Becoming Extinct?

American Citizens Becoming Extinct?


Talking about American Citizenship becoming extinct, goes hand in hand with the immigration laws and the number of immigrants that have entered the country legally and illegally. It seems that many politicians are directing the masses to become ‘citizens of the world,’ thus effectively giving up the rights and privileges that this country was founded on. The concept of being a citizen is simple in its brilliance, we are an employee owned country, people being the workers and the owners with both fundamental rights and responsibilities to this country.

The concept of taking away the rights and responsibilities of the American citizens, by making them ‘citizens of the world’ will then give the government the ability to not have to be held responsible for their actions. The government seems to be telling the workers of America that they can be replaced, and just looking at the number of jobs created verses the number of immigrants seems to validate that thought. Much like being European, rather than Italian, or Dutch, or any other nationality, is something the politicians are driving in Europe.

In a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, it is stated that for every job created, two immigrants whether legal or illegal enter the country. Of course every job is not taken from an American by an immigrant, but it certainly should be apparent that the implications, and the threat is real. Some will argue that immigration will create jobs, however, job growth did not come anywhere near the number of immigrants, and the natural increase in the population. The report states that since the year 2000 over 18 million immigrants have entered the U.S. and only 9.3 million new jobs have emerged in that time. Immigrants do not come with an abundance of education and wealth, so just how do they justify the statement that immigration will create jobs?

Giving cart blanch to illegals will eventually blur the lines of citizenship, and possibly erase the foundation on which this country was built, leaving no one to hold the government accountable for their actions. Many believe this is a systematic approach to eliminate the American middle class by replacing it with a lower class that will be in a sense the servants to the elitist. This government seems to want cheap labor and illegal immigrants will certainly fill that bill. Most in political power will not stand up for what is blatantly unconstitutional, whether they agree with what is going on or not. Even the President went around Congress for what one can only assume as a knowingly illegal gesture of ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ which was implemented. allowing illegals to stay and get permits to work here without worrying about being deported. This sets a precedent that one does not have to be a citizen to live and work here, and how long until the non-citizens out number those that have their roots here. It is as if the American workers are indeed being replaced, and one day the take over will become complete, and American citizenship could indeed become extinct.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska

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  1. “Talking about American Citizenship becoming extinct, goes hand in hand with the immigration laws and the number of immigrants that have entered the country legally and illegally.” — that is the most poorly constructed lead-in sentence I’ve seen on a news site in a while. Also “cart blanch” isn’t even remotely spelled correctly, and I won’t even bother going into the other major grammatical/punctuation errors that make this article one that I cannot take seriously whatsoever. Do some basic editing, editors, and then publish articles. I realize this is an opinion article, but the constant use of “indeed if”- and “one can only assume”-type phrases just makes this feel like pointless ramblings. Your sources “Right Wing News” and “National Review Online” are not credible whatsoever; they are opinion articles just like this one.