Tom Hardy Leaves ‘Suicide Squad’

Tom Hardy Leaves ‘Suicide Squad’

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has made the decision to leave the Suicide Squad. He was supposed to play the lead of the villain team, Rick Flagg, but that role will now go to someone else. This is not a decision based on hard feelings. According to the actor’s rep, he has had to step down due to conflicting schedules.

Hardy is an actor that many directors want, especially since his performance in The Dark Knight Rises. He is currently filming The Revenant, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, which is currently reportedly overrunning. It is possible that it will not finish in time for him to get to the set of Suicide Squad. However, the release date of The Revenant has not been pushed back.

Another issue is his upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Hardy has taken over from Mel Gibson’s role, with the movie set to release in theaters on May 15. There is a lot of promotion that needs doing, and considering Suicide Squad starts filming mid-April, it could cause clashes. It may be the best decision for the schedule and the actor that he no longer does the role.

Suicide Squad is the DC Comics anti-hero group. The villains join together to be forced into becoming heroes, which is a very different take to most of the superhero movies. The cast already has a number of big names, including Jared Leto as The Joker and Will Smith as Deadshot. Cara Delevingne is also joining the cast as Enchantress.

Hardy leaving the Suicide Squad means that the team need to find a replacement. Eyes are already on Jake Gyllenhaal if he is interested. It will depend on whether the Donnie Darko actor has time in his own schedule. He is currently in Constellations on Broadway, which will not finish until the middle of March. It may not give him enough time to prepare and recover for a long movie shoot.

Suicide Squad is just one of the latest superhero movies planned until 2020. Warner Brothers are looking to benefit from Marvel’s success with the Avengers and other superhero movies. One of the first to be released will be Superman vs. Batman with Suicide Squad following in August 2016. Wonder Woman is also getting her own movie in 2017, along with a first Justice League that year.

Other superhero movies include The Flash, Green Lantern and a second Justice League movie over the next five years. On top of that, the Lego Movie Batman character is going to get his own movie.

There are reportedly no hard feelings for Hardy choosing to drop out of the cast. Some of the issues are out of his control, especially when it comes to another movie set overrunning. He would need the time to recover from one long shoot to move onto another one. He may have been able to work around the Mad Max: Fury Road promotion with the shoot relatively easily if that was the only problem. Hardy has given the team enough notice that he will leave Suicide Squad so they have time to find his replacement.

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