John Boehner’s Lack of Leadership may Cost Him

John Boehner’s Lack of Leadership may Cost Him


I have not been alone in my criticism of John Boehner. He is most likely the worst Speaker of the House of Representatives in my lifetime. Under his misnamed leadership, little substantive legislation has been accomplished during his tenure. He will be challenged by at least two other members of the House when Congress reconvenes this week. It is very unlikely, but John Boehner’s lack of leadership could possibly cost him his position.

Polls taken of Republican voters offer little hope that Boehner retains his constituent’s favorability to once again be the Speaker of the House. Just 25 percent of those polled favored Boehner’s reelection; 60 percent opposed him; and 15 percent are undecided.

An example of his lack of effort to accomplish anything positive is a statement made in November of 2014. He claims that the House will once again vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2015. They have failed to do so in more than 50 previous attempts. He also contends that another investigation into the tragedy in Benghazi will occur, although a previous effort by a committee of mostly Republicans cleared the Obama Administration of any neglect.

The result of the battle between Boehner and ultra-conservative members of the House will likely end in the Speaker’s favor. Although his leadership of Congress has been non-existent, the GOP members who are representative of the ideals of the Republican Party are likely to reelect Boehner.

One challenger is newly elected Congressman Ted Yoho from Florida. He barely survived his party’s primary as a third party candidate; the TEA Party. His inexperience will likely make him a moot candidate.

Another challenger is Louie Gohmert, who has served as a Congressman from Texas since 2005. He aligns himself with the TEA Party extremists, but is actually farther to the right. He has infamously called supporters of gay marriage ‘Nazis,’ fought for the impeachment of President Obama, falsely claimed that the Affordable Care Act would place people on a ‘death list’ waiting for care, and made a statement after the Newtown massacre that the solution was more guns, including in schools. There were many more gaffes by the uneducated Congressman. (He is from Texas).

It is highly doubtful that 30 Republican Congressmen will vote against John Boehner. That number is needed to require a secondary vote. Tuesday Boehner will likely be elected as the Speaker of the House once again.John Boehner

It appears that there is no legitimate challenger to John Boehner. He is the epitome of why our government is broken.

A representation of how Congress failed the American people is revealed in the statistics of 2013. The House was in session for only 942 hours in the first year of the 113th Congress. The least number of hours Congressmen worked previously was in 2005, at 1,350 hours.

Under Boehner’s ‘leadership,’ fewer hours could occur in 2015. Boehner claims that ‘Congress should not be judged by the number of laws it passed, but by the number of laws it repealed.’

Maybe Congress should be repealed; they don’t work, and because of their lack of effort our nation doesn’t either.

By James Turnage



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