Gay Marriage Update

Gay Marriage Update


The LGBT community has received majority support from Democrats, at least publicly. Republicans remain uncertain, although some see the future and what is inevitable. Here is an update from recent statements written or spoken by members of the GOP. Much of it is attributed to the Supreme Court’s upcoming examination of the issue which is expected in April.

Mike Huckabee has made the claim that even the SCOTUS upholds same-sex marriage it will not necessarily become the ‘law of the land.’ He vows that he and all Christian organizations will continue to fight against it.

The Governor of Louisiana believes the issue should be for each state to decide, and wants a Constitutional Amendment passed confirming that right.

Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum who is an extreme social conservative has indicated that he does not wish to be asked the question.

Representative Steven King gave the politically correct answer. He said that Republicans would continue the debate based upon growing voter acceptance. (A recent poll shows that 57 percent of voters believe that the LGBT community should have the right to marry).

Expected 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush also responded in true political fashion. In the 1990’s he vehemently opposed same-sex marriage. More recently he said that both sides of the debate should be respected, and that everyone must accept the final decision by the court.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, also a White House hopeful, said that although we must accept the decision of the SCOTUS, he remains opposed to mandatory acceptance.

TEA Party darling and ultra-conservative presidential hopeful Ted Cruz also wants an amendment to the Constitution giving each state the right to decide the issue.

Rick Perry, a candidate for the Republican Party in 2012 and likely to run again in 2016 is adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage. Under his administration Texans voted to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. He also stated that living the homosexual lifestyle is a choice by each individual.

Rand Paul, another presidential wannabe, said that he does not himself believe in same-sex marriage; he is a traditionalist. However, he spoke of the libertarian ideal that government should not be focused on the issue. He also said that there is room for both views within the GOP.

Mitt Romney, Republican two and possibly three-time champion for the nomination follows his religious beliefs and denounces same-sex marriage.

Recently perennial ‘red state’ Alabama had its ban on gay marriage struck down. Two women who were legally married in California moved to Alabama. When they attempted to adopt their eight-year-old son, the petition was denied due to the State’s ban. A federal judge quickly ruled in favor of the couple’s petition. State government officials were outraged.

For most Americans issues directed at the LGBT community are moot. The reality is that the tide moving more favorably in the direction of the gay community. Although Republicans risk the anger of their Christian-right base, the handwriting is on the wall. The 21st century is here and certain issues may soon be inevitable as our nation moves forward.

Same-sex marriage will be a subject discussed in the past by the time of the 2020 election. Other issues may follow, such a reasonable immigration reform and universal healthcare.

By James Turnage


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