Game of Thrones Season Five Trailer Released

Game of Thrones Season Five Trailer Released [Video]


Game of Thrones season five is nearly here, and the trailer has finally been released. There is plenty to be excited for, and the trailer even teases something that many fans have wondered. It may be that Daenerys taking over the Iron Throne is the endgame after all.

Game of Thrones did something that no other TV show has done this year. It shared the final two episodes of season four in the IMAX last week, and then shared the season five trailer just afterwards. It took some time, but the official teaser has now been released, possibly since a theater goer pulled out his cell phone to record the footage and uploaded it online.

The tagline for season five is “justice has a price,” and there are certainly clips of prices while the song Heroes by David Bowie plays. All the major players were on the screen, including Tyrion Lannister, the Stark sisters, Jon Snow and the Lannister twins. One of the most dramatic clips has to be the one between Sansa and Littlefinger, when he tells her to avenge “them,” presumably her parents and brother. He also tells her that the only justice is one that “we make.”

Daenerys is also becoming the powerful leader she showed that she could be in the earlier seasons of the show. Things were a little slow with her storyline over the last two seasons, but it looks like she is ready to take the battle to Westeros. She made it clear that she is “not going to stop the wheel,” but will break it.

There are going to be a number of new characters in season five of Game of Thrones, and the newly released trailer certainly showed them. Alexander Siddig will take on the role of Doran Martell, and it is clear that he is after revenge for his brother’s death.

Three faces were missing from season five, which many fans expected. Kristian Nairn had already said that he and Isaac Hempstead-Wright were getting a year off. David Benioff said that their two characters, along with Ellie Kendrick’s Meera Reed, will not appear in the season. It was a decision made for the storytelling and not due to issues on the set. Nairn did say that their storyline is coming to an end in the books, so it makes sense to take them out for a year and focus on other characters.

There were some moments that would have made many Game of Thrones fans smile. One of those is Varys telling Tyrion that the Iron Throne needs its true hero: someone with a powerful army and the right family name. When Tyrion wishes Varys look in finding him, Varys makes a point to tell him that it is not necessarily a man. The clip quickly falls on Daenerys, hinting that she is the true hero. However, Arya and Sansa are certainly becoming strong contenders if the true hero really is female.

The show will return to HBO on April 12. For now, fans can watch the Game of Thrones season five trailer, which has now been officially released online.

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