America’s True Religion

America’s True Religion


I would like to preface this by saying that the following is my opinion on the two party system in America. My words aren’t the gospel, they are just my words. Nonetheless, they may ring true and sit well with your opinion. Either way, feel free to use the beautiful voice you have. Now, to the heart of this.

There are currently two radical belief systems in an all-out war for control of the United States. No, Radical Islam is not one of them. These belief systems are native to our country. They formed here and we trust them, possibly far too much. They view each other as mortal enemies. They fear compromise and see it as weakness. They both believe their opposition will be the downfall of America. They both have opposing views on how our government and people should function. They both have been proven to use sensationalism and lies in an attempt to woo the people to their sides. It is even speculated, though not proven, than terrorist acts may have been used by these belief systems. What are they? Radical conservatism and liberalism.

The heads of these belief systems want you to feel as if you are the beneficiary of their acts. They claim that they are serving you and trying to do what is best for the country you live in. However, neither of them can agree what is best, neither of them will compromise, and neither of them can agree on what the problem is. Whatever the problem, it hasn’t been fixed and seems to be worsening. This leads me to believe that their goal isn’t to help you, it’s to help them. They are after power and control.

Both democrats and republicans have been caught in lies repeatedly. Both have failed the people repeatedly. Both still continue to gain power and voters. How could this possibly be? Because they seek to behave like religion. They come with their own moral code. You are shaped into them. You are no longer a person voting, you are a democrat. They become part of your identity and, as such, when they are attacked, you feel attacked. This triggers an emotional response, and you defend yourself by defending them. Who profits off of this cycle of attack and retaliation? They do.

We are not political platforms. We are people, and we are diverse. We should not meld 100 percent with either party, we should not feel inadequate for not doing so. We should not focus solely on beating the opponent and avoiding compromise, we should seek actual solutions. As long as this extremism exists, that will not happen. How can you fix a reality you don’t agree on? How can progress be made when the next president undoes what the previous president did? How can a problem be solved without committing to a solution?

The government is chosen by the people for the people, not by the two-party system for the two-party system. Do not be sucked into to radical dogma for the sake of fitting in. Do not compromise your beliefs for fear of being on the losing team. If we stopped doing that, they very well may become the winning team.

Opinion By Justin Wayne Whisenhunt

Photo by Thomas HawkFlickr License