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Ted Cruz is Campaigning on the Wrong Issue

Ted Cruz is Campaigning on the Wrong Issue
December 03
13:28 2014

Is Ted Cruz Hispanic? It depends on your personal definition. First and foremost he is an employee of the Koch brothers working for the TEA Party, not the American people. And he certainly doesn’t represent Hispanics. If you ask about his bloodline, he is Cuban. Where was he born? Canada. He has picked the wrong fight as he is beginning his presidential campaign; he has selected the wrong issue.

Speaking in front of other Republican losers such as fellow TEA Party member Michelle Bachman, Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, is calling for an ‘all out budget battle’ to defund the President’s immigration edict. He wants them to ignore the plan endorsed by the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the next Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

Their plan would avoid a government shutdown by funding all programs until September 15th of next year, with a single exception. The section of the Department of Homeland Security, which will be responsible for immigration, will cease to be funded in January.

Today Mitch McConnell and President Obama are in a closed door meeting to discuss the plan and other items.

Cruz, always at the extreme right of every issue in Washington, is the least likely Senator to deliberate a single important piece of legislation. He claims the GOP must defund the President’s executive order by any means. He constantly refers to the President in terms such as ‘monarch.’

Through a series of meetings with like-minded reactionaries, Cruz has been instrumental in the attempted overthrow of the GOP and replace the Grand Old Party with the TEA Party.

There is no doubt on both sides of the aisle that the TEA Party is the reason we have a broken government. They just don’t know what to do about it. Behind the TEA Party are supporters with the deepest pockets in our nation, and they want to own the United States.

Cruz wants America to increase its imperialistic efforts. He believes that America must insure the freedom of all the world’s people, whether they want it or not, and what that might mean to them. A constant critic of the foreign policies of both Clinton and Obama, he claims that ‘the world is on fire.’

There isn’t much history taught in our school system today, and that’s a sad but true statement. I don’t believe that Cruz attended a single class. Every problem that exists in the Middle East is the direct result of the negligent and illegal actions of a Republican President. Hatred of America is at an all-time high in the region, and is more universal than at any other time in our history.

His lack of knowledge regarding international relations prevents him from becoming a viable presidential candidate. As he denies the rights of other Hispanics, he accepts the gifts given to him as a Cuban-American. His only real concern is his personal ambition.

Many of his fellow Republicans have promised to formulate attempts to find common ground during the next two years. Cruz obviously has made a promise to himself; to make him appear more foolish with every speech.

By James Turnage



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