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TEA Party Darlings Disagree

TEA Party Darlings Disagree
December 19
13:16 2014

There is much talk and evidence about the split in the GOP. It is actually two parties in one; Republicans vs. the TEA Party. Now two ‘darlings’ of the TEA party are feuding; they disagree on recent changes in our nation’s policies and relations with Cuba.

It shouldn’t matter what Marco Rubio or Rand Paul think about the President’s decision; what the American people believe should be the standard, but this makes for fun news and humorous discussion. It may not be good for these two TEA Party standard barriers, but it’s good for the press and the American people.

Immediately after Mr. Obama’s announcement, a straw poll was taken and 87 percent of the American people supported the changes which were implemented more than a half-century ago. Just minutes later Florida Senator Marco Rubio made a public statement denouncing the changes, and calling the President the ‘worst negotiator in history.’

Senator Rubio may have a slanted view on the issue; his parents are Cuban exiles. Rubio himself was born in Miami, and enjoyed all the benefits of growing up in the United States. What he knows about Cuba is the result of his family’s retelling of their lives when they resided on the island. Rubio also continued the TEA Party tradition of trashing every decision made by Mr. Obama.

When Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made his remarks about the issue, he countermanded Rubio. He said that the 54-year-old embargo has not worked. There has been no regime change, and only the people have suffered. He was echoing his father Ron Paul’s past statements.

It could have ended there, but Rubio later appeared on FOX News and said that Paul ‘didn’t know what he was talking about.’ He claimed the people were being hurt by their own government. The TEA Party infighting continued.

Paul countered with a post on Facebook and later on twitter. He labeled Rubio an ‘isolationist.’ He tweeted remarks asking Rubio to explain that if the embargo hasn’t worked, why does it continue to exist? He also pointed to the fact that we do business with other communist nations such as Vietnam and China. He also countered Rubio’s claim that most Cubans are displeased with the changes, when in reality polls prove that most Cubans in America are in favor of restoring relations with their native land.

If the truth were told, the Cuban viewpoint matters little in the discussion. They comprise a small percentage of our nation’s population. The vast majority of Americans believe that the time is right, and changing old policies is the right move at the right time.

Rubio and Paul are certain to be in opposition for the next two years. Both will undoubtedly compete for the Republican Presidential nomination. If GOP history continues, they will have multiple opportunities to debate each other on the campaign trail.TEA

The latest polls do not favor either Senator; Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are the right wing favorites, followed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Early predictions are that it will be a ‘governor’s race to win.’

Senator Paul has already assembled a savvy campaign team, and has modified his harsh libertarian views moving closer to many centrist ideals. Rubio has yet to take definitive steps for 2016.

One of the interesting facts about the junior Senator from Kentucky is that he is unafraid of making enemies even within his own party. His feud with Senator John McCain continues, and now he is at odds with a fellow TEA Party member.

2016 is going to be fun.

By James Turnage


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