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Stop American Imperialism

Stop American Imperialism
December 01
13:24 2014

Any government official you might ask will deny that American imperialism is the cause for much of the world’s unrest. Attempts by virtually every administration, (with the exception of Jimmy Carter’s), to force our beliefs on other nations and to seize territory and a country’s wealth cannot be denied. It is the nature of the beast. Only one former Congressman has had the courage and dedication to seek a cessation of American Imperialism. That man is the former Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul.

Certain issues supported by Mr. Paul receive doubts even from his most ardent supporters. However, the single issue they all agree on is that the United States must stop waging wars, especially in the Middle East. Not only are they unwinnable, they procreate increased hatred of our nation and increase the probability of future terrorist attacks.

The most serious problems in the Mideast today are the result of American invasion and unwanted involvement in the region. The civil war in Iraq and subsequent rise of ISIS as the world’s most powerful terrorist organization would not exist if our government had not invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

In remarks to a telephone hotline, Mr. Paul claims that no one wants to accept the role of Secretary of Defense under President Obama. Noting that this individual will be the fourth Secretary in only six years, he restates the complaints of Robert Gates and Leon Panetta. They both claimed that Mr. Obama frequently bypassed their positions and encountered the Joint Chiefs of Staff directly, micromanaging his role as Commander-in-Chief. The now resigned Secretary Chuck Hagel had his own problems with the White House, primarily our role in Syria.

Mr. Paul made a run for the presidency three times. Although he never achieved his goal, he is gaining supporters from all sides at age 79. His anti-war stance has been cheered by voters from both sides of the aisle, especially those under 40. Many young liberals find his views are aligned with their own in opposition to the status quo of our present leaders.

When Chuck Hagel tendered his resignation, the President’s first choice to replace him was Michelle Flournoy. She would have been the first female Secretary of Defense. Her background is centered in a military industrial complex organization called The Center for a New American Security. It was founded in 2007.

Before Ms. Flournoy could be formally asked, she said ‘no.’ Insiders claim she is waiting for a Hillary Clinton presidency whose views regarding military action are more in line with her own. She would have the support of Republican Hawks in the Congress including John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Are we entering an era similar to Vietnam? Will there be increased anti-war protests and a clamoring by the masses to consider social needs in our nation and ignore the drums of war?

Presidential candidate polls for the 2016 election indicate the probability of a Hillary Clinton victory. Nearly two years away everything we believe could change. If the President escalates our involvement in the Mideast, would voters cast out a Clinton presidency understanding her penchant for war? Is there a Democratic or Republican who has not been in the limelight, and who will rise to the public’s view at a pivotal time in our nation’s history?

All politicos; a little advice; stay tuned because stranger things have happened. All we must do is look back at the campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2008. It will be unlikely that it will be Ron Paul at such an advanced age, but I believe he has a son who will be throwing his hat into the ring.

By James Turnage




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James Turnage

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