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Rick Perry Lacks What it Takes

Rick Perry Lacks What it Takes
December 11
14:58 2014

Rick Perry is completing his final term as the Governor of Texas. He continues to seek his party’s nomination for the White House. Recently he was asked if he was smart enough to be the President of the United States. He side-stepped the answer, thinking he was clever, and replied, ‘it’s not an IQ test.’ He must thank God for that, or was he remembering the last President who was a Texas Governor and failed his test? The bottom line is Rick Perry lacks what it takes to lead our country.

His reason for running exists within his own personal agenda. He has never once used the words, ‘to serve the American people.’ He couldn’t truthfully make that statement; he does not and would not represent all of our nation’s people, only the few who agree with his philosophies.

Perry will have been in office nearly 13 years when he steps down. He is proud of his tenure, but, remember, it’s Texas. He and ‘W’ are proof that Texans will elect anyone if they tell them what they want to hear, love the death penalty, hates blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals, and believes that the only tolerable religion is Christian.

The proof that Perry would not represent all of the people exists in several forms. Overall it is his entire belief system. But before he commits to a campaign for the presidency, he must decide if he continues to believe in secession from the union, as he lobbied for in 2009.

First of all, he does not believe in the separation of church and state. Without saying it openly, he sees our nation as Christian, and Christian only. He would attempt to institute it as our national religion if he resided in the White House.

Perry claims that government is too large; that it intrudes on personal freedom. So why is he adamantly opposed to a woman’s right of free choice regarding her own body? He has been the most active governor in the nation in attempts to block abortion.

He claims that he was instrumental in helping Texas maintain a robust economy. Partly true. While the working class cannot claim financial freedom, the wealthy have increased their bank accounts greatly under Perry. The truth is that Texas is leading the nation in numbers of persons at the poverty level, and the fewest with health care.

Perry does not believe in giving everyone an opportunity to obtain an education. What he does believe in is suppressing the right of minorities to vote. He pushed for a voter ID law, which was directly aimed at blacks and Hispanics.

Perry would be a disaster for the environment, comparable to ‘half-governor’ Sarah Palin. He is first an oil man, and he believes in drilling everywhere and anywhere oil is discovered. BP’s tragic oil spill in the Gulf was referred to by Perry as ‘an act of God.’ If your God is money, he is correct.

In 2001 Perry supported immigration reform. In 2014 he is aligning himself with wealthy potential supporters, joining them as he opposes everything related to the issue with the exception of increased border security.

Lastly Perry does not believe in our judicial system. While he was in office, 232 inmates have been executed. He surpassed George Bush’s record of 152. Even with an abundance of evidence, Perry has refused to grant a stay of execution. One such case occurred in 2009. A man accused of arson, which resulted in the death of his children, was executed for their murder. Eventually a new examination of the facts revealed that shoddy police work and a botched arson investigation resulted in the death of an innocent man. Perry had refused to step forward and insure that an innocent man would not be executed.

Yes Mr. Perry, it does take intelligence to be the President to the United States, or at least it should be a requirement. But it takes much more. A president must serve all of the people all of the time. His personal views must be laid aside until he is no longer in office. And he must be knowledgeable about foreign relations; and that doesn’t mean relations with any other state than Texas. You, sir, lack what it takes to sit in the Oval Office.

By James Turnage



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