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Politicians and Wealthy Criminals Receive Special Treatment

Politicians and Wealthy Criminals Receive Special Treatment
December 23
14:30 2014

American prisons are filled. Men and women convicted of drug possession, drug use, drug sales, theft, crimes related to sex, assault, and murder live a life behind bars. Worst of all for them is their complete loss of freedom. They cannot walk the streets of a city, drive a car, or sleep in their own beds. None of these people were wealthy outside of prison, and none of them are former politicians. They receive no special treatment.

Not a single executive of the banking industry has even been charged with a crime. Politicians who lied to the American people which led to thousands of deaths and the bankrupting of a nation not only walk free, but are treated as ‘good men,’ and given unwarranted respect.

The latest member of these groups who will receive special treatment is Former Virginia Governor, Republican Bob McDonnell. He and his wife were convicted of promoting a dietary supplement in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans. When he is sentenced on January 6th, he could receive up to 12 years in a federal prison for violating federal corruption laws. It will never happen.politicians

McDonnell’s attorneys have filed papers petitioning the judge to be lenient based on his 40 years of public service, and sentence him to 6,000 hours of public service over a three-year period.

Let’s take a good look at this. 40 years of living a plush life as a politician is not admirable. Is this the first time he was caught acting in an illegal manor? How many other times did he accept money and gifts from ‘contributors’ who wanted favors? Why should he basically walk free, when another man with less political clout would serve the full 12 years?

His attorneys also claim that with his education and degrees it would better serve the community if he was forced into unpaid public service. There was not a single indication that he should receive punishment for failing the public trust, or that politician McDonnell has expressed any remorse for his crime.

A politician is never unpaid; they always have assets at their disposal, and supporters willing to pay their way.

Already one organization has offered a way for professional politician McDonnell to not only live the good life, but would also be given credit for charitable deeds.

Operation Blessing International has offered McDonnell a position with its organization. But he wouldn’t be forced to perform actual work. They want him to head its hunger and relief program in Appalachia. He would also be traveling to Haiti to oversee an orphanage and fish farm. A spokesman for the organization praised the politician for his volunteer work after Hurricane Katrina, and believes that it would best serve our country and the world if he was not institutionalized.

Coincidentally, Operation Blessing International was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson and McDonnell is a graduate of Regent University law school; also run by Robertson.

The prosecution is expected to request a stiff sentence after the politician was convicted on all 11 counts. Will federal prosecutor’s suggestions be ignored and the judge be swayed by an expensive legal team, as well as attempts of influence by faith-based organizations? If you find a way to make a wager on the outcome, do it; history proves that the defense will have its way.

By James Turnage





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