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MH370 a Victim of U.S. Fear of Terrorism?

MH370 a Victim of U.S. Fear of Terrorism?
December 23
09:47 2014

A French report claims that Malaysian Airlines flight 370 may have been a victim of the fear of terrorism by the United States. Is there any credibility to this claim by a former French airline CEO?

The mystery of the disappearance of MH370 is emblematic of how little modern aviation technology is capable retrieving credible information regarding the explanation of modern airline disasters. Part of the situation can be blamed on the economics of scheduled airlines vs. the reality of near disasters about which the world’s people rarely receive information. Admitting the facts would have potential passengers questioning the actual safety of air travel. Is conjecture by the French a credible explanation for its disappearance?

Malaysia and the word continues to seek a resolution to the loss of 239 lives. No definitive solution to the disaster has been proven, although theories continue to surface. Should the French assumption be given any validity?

Theories have been abundant. A foiled hijacking attempt, pilot error, intentional misdirection resulting in a ‘point of no return,’ and now a theory of a cover-up of the destruction of the aircraft and a tremendous loss of life is being presented.

Marc Dugain is a former French airline CEO. In a six-page article, he presents the possibility that MH370 may have had some problem as it was nearing a US military base. The base is located on Diego Garcia, which is British territory in the Indian Ocean. Dugain theorizes that those occupying the base may have believed the plane was attempting an attack similar to those on 9/11 and shot it down.

His claim is based upon reports from residents of the Maldives, the nearest island to Diego Garcia, located about 500 miles to the north. They claim to have seen a huge aircraft with the colors of MH370 flying at an unusually low altitude in the direction of Diego Garcia. United States officials deny that there was any reported sighting of MH370 near the Maldives or Diego Garcia.

Airline experts agree that even if all systems were shut down on the aircraft, powerful military radar would have detected the huge Boeing 777.

A number of theories have surfaced since MH370 disappeared on March 27th. If such an assumption as that of the French appears outrageous, here are a few others. If nothing else, they would make entertaining movies.

A British journalist believes it is a possibility that MH370 was shot down over the South China Sea. Joint military exercises were being conducted by the US, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and some from China.

One very questionable theory is that MH370 flew undetected in the shadow of another aircraft, eventually landing in Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, or northeast China.

A more believable theory is that the disappearance of MH370 was the result of a botched hijack attempt. Radar data did report an erratic flight pattern, climbing as high as 45,000 feet, then rapidly descending to a far lower altitude. Whoever was at the controls may have miscalculated efforts to render the passengers unconscious or even kill them, and consequently suffered their own demise.MH370

A search of the ocean floor continues, and is expected to be completed by May 15th of next year.

MH370 may never be located. Harsh seas in the area could dismantle the aircraft, allowing sections of the fuselage and wings to float thousands of miles from the actual site of the crash.

By James Turnage


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