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Mexico in state of Revolt

Mexico in state of Revolt
December 02
09:41 2014

Mexico’s President promised the people of his nation that he would change things for the nation’s people. Enrique Pena Nieto’s oath claimed that he would reform the corruption in the country. In the aftermath of the apparent slaughter of 43 student teachers on a bus tour, his ratings are plummeting. Huge protests throughout Mexico are signaling a revolt by the nation’s people. How far will it go?

When the students disappeared, the search led directly to the state of Guerrero and the Mayor and his wife, Jose Luis Abarca and Maria de los Angeles Pineda. They are believed to be directly responsible for their disappearance and death. The couple has apparently fled the country.

Thousands of angry citizens protested in Mexico City Monday, and were demanding President Pena Nieto’s resignation. Interviews of some in the crowd criticize their president for not representing the people of Mexico; he is only interested in the ‘established global order which is capitalistic and market-oriented.’

Protests broke out in other states including Oaxaca where an estimated 1500 people blockaded the local airport and forced the cancellation of two flights.

After serving for two years, President Pena Nieto’s approval rating has dropped to 39 percent according to a poll taken by the newspaper ‘Reforma.’ His disapproval rating has risen to 58 percent overall.

Pena Nieto is a member of the ‘Institutional Revolutionary Party,’ known as PRI’s. They had been in control of the government for 71 years until 2000 when the National Action Party obtained control. For twelve years criminal violence grew to levels unheard of in the nation. Pena Nieto ran on a reformation platform which promised to create a high level of coordination between security agencies and stop the bloodshed. His actions after the election failed to include increased security. He moved his focus to ‘economic freedom.’

Those who opposed Pena Nieto’s election in 2012 expressed a belief that the PRI was filled with corruption. Pena Nieto claims that the bus tragedy and others in the nation are merely proof of illegal action on a local level.

As the crowd grew Monday, chants resounded demanding the release of 11 protestors who were arrested during the march on November 20th. The crowd claimed that they had done nothing with the exception of expressing their solidarity in demanding the resignation of Pena Nieto.

Since 2006, more than 100,000 citizens have been murdered or are missing in Mexico. The anger of the people is escalating as no apparent action has been taken to alleviate the situation.

Where is Mexico’s neighbor during this possible pre-revolution era? Shouldn’t the United States be focusing on the serious conditions on our southern border? Our government is more concerned with keeping the Mexican people out of our country than aiding a nation of people living in fear, which is resulting in anger and upheaval.

Our nation’s leaders are willing to wage war thousands of miles away from our borders, but fail to offer comments on the condition in Mexico.

North and South America should be our primary concern. The Muslim world does not want our ‘assistance;’ I believe our neighbors would gladly accept any and all help they were offered.

By James Turnage



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