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Mexico Could be Headed for a Civil War

Mexico Could be Headed for a Civil War
December 16
13:58 2014

The Mexican people are gentle and kind. But after suffering through years of government corruption, and multiple murders by the drug cartels, a single brutal incident may be the catalyst which overthrows the government. It is highly possible that Mexico could be headed for a civil war.

When a bus with 43 student teachers disappeared, the government claimed that it was an incident involving local officials. New evidence reports that claim a falsehood, and that the federal police were directly involved. An Investigating Reporting Team at UC Berkley published a report claiming that both federal and local police were tracking the bus on September 26th when the students were abducted and subsequently murdered; they did nothing to thwart the attack. It also states that some police were directly involved, themselves participating in the shooting.

The students disappeared in the Mexican state of Iguala. The story earlier reported that the attack was by order of mayor Jose Luis Abarca, and his wife, María de los Angeles Pineda Villa. They have not been seen for months. Now the truth has been revealed that the federal authorities knew where and when it happened at the very moment it occurred. As the search for the students began, bodies unrelated to those on the bus were discovered in the hillsides above Iguala. Nearly a dozen bodies have been discovered and the search continues.Mexico

On Sunday, protestors, which included some of the family of the missing students, were planning a concert in the capital city of Guerreo, Chilpancingo. As the crowd began building barricades for the concert area, police moved in and told the crowd to leave. When they explained that it was in honor of the 43 missing students, a clash began between the authorities and the protestors. There are reports of eight officers and 13 protestors being injured.

A Mexican drug cartel in Iquala claims that the 43 students were handed over to them by the local police who claimed they were members of a rival gang. They reported that they shot and killed them, then burned their bodies in a rubbish dump. Only one young man has been identified from remains found in that area. There is some evidence that a few of the students were tortured.

The protests began almost immediately after the 43 students disappeared. Marches have been held all over Mexico, including Mexico City. They have extended to the United States and other nations.

The Mexican people have called for the resignation of President Pena Nieto who claimed no knowledge of the tragic incident. The protestors are growing in numbers and anger.

Mexico is a nation filled with family traditions. Their priorities have always been simple; family first followed by their religious beliefs. The drug cartels, which have ruled their nation since 2006, are considered the most vicious in the world. Although they have existed for decades, they became more dangerous after the collapse of the two major Columbian Cartels as they gained control over the greater portion of the market.

The people of Mexico do not trust their government or their military. They believe collusion exists between many of the federal authorities and the cartels. They also believe that the police and military fear the cartels and the deadly battles between them for power and money.

Mexico has received financial aid to fight against the cartels, but has not assisted in the form of advisors or intelligence. There is no oversight by the United States as to how the government of Mexico spends the money intended to help destroy the cartels.

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