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Koch Brothers are Destroying your Civil Rights

Koch Brothers are Destroying your Civil Rights
December 01
07:17 2014

When the Supreme Court upheld ‘Citizen’s United,’ it gave the Koch brothers the right to buy elections and control virtually everything pertaining to the American way of life. These billionaires are destroying your civil rights.

The United States voting public must think below the surface. What do words on the internet, in the newspapers, or on television actually mean? Wouldn’t you think something called the ‘Patriot Act’ would be good for America? And certainly ‘Americans for Prosperity’ or the ‘Center for Individual Rights’ sound innocuous. You would be seriously incorrect.

The Patriot Act removes average citizens from protection under the fourth amendment of the Constitution. It allows the government to gather personal information about every individual in the United States without their knowledge or a court order.

Both ‘Americans for Prosperity,’ and the ‘Center for Individual Rights’ are organizations owned and operated by the billionaire Koch brothers with the sole purpose of funding campaigns for candidates who are ‘friendly’ to their desires; they are all Republicans or labeled conservatives. They donated hundreds of millions of dollars to individuals who aspire to be governors or legislators. If you look more deeply you will discover something more sinister. In recent years the Koch brothers have begun to spend more of their money on judicial campaigns, including Supreme Court positions in key states. They are buying court decisions which can directly affect millions of individual citizens.

The result of Citizen’s United has been a huge cash flow from outside sources who no longer have to disclose their names or political affiliation. Three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices received $2.4 million to fund television ads in an attempt to help them retain their seats. Judicial candidates in North Carolina were given $5.2 million. The 2014 midterm election proved to be the most costly in American history.

How deep are the pockets of the Koch brothers? Deeper than the imagination of a working man or woman can conceive. Each is worth more than $40 billion. That number is $40,000,000,000. And their wealth continues to increase on a yearly basis.

Who do they support, and why? For years they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in support of conservative candidates in an attempt to own the White House, Congress, and even the SCOTUS, through presidential appointments. The why is simple; the GOP supports big business, and big business supports the GOP.

How did the Koch brothers amass their fortunes? That’s not entirely clear. They own the second largest company in the nation, Koch Industries, but that doesn’t account for all of their income. Several times that question was addressed by congressional committees, but there was never an answer, and they were never prosecuted.

Funding judicial campaigns has become the greatest concern of watchdog groups. Would you want to stand before a judge who is more concerned about his next television ad than applying the law fairly?

The truth is that the Charles and David Koch are not pleased with their fortunes; they want more. They helped to create and fund the TEA Party, which explains several things. They are the prime reason the 112th and 113th Congress’ accomplished nothing. The TEA Party is the reason 54 votes have been taken in the House attempting to repeal ‘The Affordable Care Act.’ For the Koch brothers it is unacceptable that their corporations would be forced to give all their employees health care.

The facts are there; America is broken because of the Koch brothers and those like them. If lobbies are not removed from the doors of Congress, our nation will see an increasing divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.’ Our beloved Country will begin a downward spiral resulting in increased civil uprising as anger and distrust continue to increase.

And don’t believe that money can’t buy everything. Again, search below the surface.

Immigration is not a moral or legal issue for Republicans; it’s all about the money. If eleven or twelve million men, women, and children became legal residents, two issues detrimental to the Koch brother’s efforts would exist. Hispanics tend to vote for Democrats. The second reason is that big business would be forced to pay at least minimum wage. They would be required to collect taxes, and pay into social security and Medicare.

The trail of opposition to just, fair, and sensible law always leads to the ‘big bucks.’

By James Turnage



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