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Jim DeMint: a Traitor?

Jim DeMint: a Traitor?
December 04
07:33 2014

Opinion by James Turnage

Jim DeMint was reelected Senator from South Carolina. He deserted his supporters to take a lucrative position as the head of the Heritage Foundation, an ultra-conservative ‘think tank.’ Honestly said; he went for the money. He calls himself a Republican, but is in reality a member of the TEA Party. He has shown no loyalty to the people of South Carolina and the United States. His loyalty is to the TEA Party and money. By definition, he can easily be labeled a traitor to his country.

Yesterday another TEA Party whipping boy, Ted Cruz, challenged the majority of Republicans to join him and other deserters from the Party to shut down the government and defund the President’s immigration order; DeMint is joining his TEA Party brethren. The real Republicans and their leaders are calling for a more common sense approach, which would prevent a government shutdown through September of next year. The extremists want it all; they can’t spell compromise.

DeMint’s Senate record was less than mediocre. He claimed to be a leader, but his record reveals that he lacked the ability. He missed twice as many votes as the average Senator, but was present at every one which was of interest to the TEA Party.

Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation was expected to spearhead the GOP’s fight against immigration reform. It failed under his leadership. Since he has become its President, it has proven to be ineffective as a right wing tool. When a spokesman for the group failed to address the reality that minorities favor Democrats, he continued by making racist remarks, contributing to the organizations lack of credibility.

When DeMint became president of the Heritage Foundation, The Koch brothers, through their TEA Party, became the owners of the organization. The direction it has taken under DeMint’s leadership is proof that it requires more than money to work intelligently in Washington.

On Wednesday he attempted to take a hard stance and exercise the power of the Heritage Foundation to countermand President Obama’s executive order that would allow five million undocumented immigrants legal status in the United States.

I think we need to examine why the TEA Party and some Republicans are so desperate to stop immigration reform.

Their claim is that it will cost taxpayers money. In reality two respected agencies have carefully studied the effect of more than 11 million new legal residents, and their conclusion is that they will increase our nation’s revenue measurably. The TEA Party denies the facts about nearly everything; just as they have about the fact of climate change.

The truth is easy to understand; it’s always about the money.

The Koch brothers and other multi-billionaires are never happy with the money they have; their greed drives them to have more. If all 11 million men, women, and children received legal status, the corporations and businesses which employ them would be forced to contribute to taxes and social security. And they would have to pay them at least a minimum wage.

The final issue is about votes. While both the Republicans and the TEA Party continue to ignore Hispanics, Blacks, and women in our nation, they have spoken by their inaction that they don’t want their votes. Immigration reform could produce as many as eight million additional votes nationwide for Democrats.

All members of right wing politics continue to claim that the American public does not want legal status for the 11 million; they must not look at any of the polls.

By James Turnage



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James Turnage

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