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Inexperienced and Un-talented Politicians Play into Democrat’s Hands

Inexperienced and Un-talented Politicians Play into Democrat’s Hands
December 13
15:09 2014

The battle continues at this hour. At stake is a 1.1 trillion dollar spending package. If it fails to pass, a real possibility exists that the government could be shut down; again. TEA Party members exhibited their inexperience and lack of talent and gave the Democrats leverage during the unusual weekend session.

The basic problem with the TEA Party is that they are not Republicans. The agenda of the mainstream GOP is far different than that of the extremists within their midst. Led by presidential wannabe Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, and Senator Mike Lee of Utah, the TEA Party attempted to place its plans ahead of the larger number of true Republicans.

When Cruz demanded a vote to defund the President’s executive order which gives legal status to approximately five million undocumented residents, he made a mistake which will lose battles for the GOP and result in an extended debate which will ultimately give victory to the left side of the aisle, and the President.

Mr. Obama has 20 or more nominations which need to be approved. Cruz and Lee forced the August Body to stay through the weekend and vote for approval or disapproval without heavy scrutinizing by committees. The soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell was asked by reporters if he was frustrated with TEA Party conservatives in his party; he simply smiled and winked.Inexperienced

Senate leaders, Reid and McConnell have indicated that the spending package will pass a Monday vote. Demands by Cruz and Lee, claiming that the American public did not want any form of immigration reform which gave legal status to ‘illegal immigrants’ fell on deaf ears. The majority of Democrats and Republicans are aware of the polls which show a majority of Americans approving some form of comprehensive immigration reform; although many doubt the President’s executive action.

The truth is, if Republicans would adopt the measure passed by the Senate earlier in the year, the executive order issued by the President would be null and void; but nothing is being done with the exception of increased criticism.

The result of posturing by the TEA Party will likely result in the passing of the spending package, no measure to defund the executive order, and the approval of many of the President’s nominees.

The favorability rating of the TEA Party is dropping. Nearly half of all Americans have an unfavorable opinion of the extremists, while 30 percent find them favorable. More moderate Republicans have lowered their support of the TEA Party by 19 percent. And even the most conservative members of the GOP have lowered their opinion from 74 percent six months ago, to 65 percent favorability today.

Many Americans blame the TEA Party for the failure of our government to do its job. As they become increasingly extreme, their core values are exposed. They don’t have any concern for the United States or its people. Even if a member believes a piece of legislation is bad for the nation, if it was proposed by a fellow TEA Party member, they support its passage.

They also lack an understanding of how government works. A government which serves its people must have money to spend for programs which affect the average man and woman. Americans, especially the extremely wealthy, pay less tax than they would in any other country in the industrial world. What we need is a tax increase which is equitable to all our nation’s people. Is it merely inexperience, or is it ignorance?

Worst of all, they believe that social security and Medicare should be repealed, and Wall Street once again be de-regulated. In other words, let’s return to that great year of 2008 when our country was close to a depression.

Finally, some good news. Tuesday, TEA Party front-woman Michele Bachmann attended her final White House Holiday party. When she received her photo-op with President Obama, she told him he must attack Iran and stop their nuclear construction. The President basically told her that ‘she didn’t know what she was talking about.’ She has retired, refusing to seek a fifth term in the House after an investigation began concerning campaign finance contributions during her 2012 campaign.

Now if we never had to hear from ‘Caribou Barbie’ again; her blaring inexperience cost one man a fair chance at the White House and embarrassed an entire party. Merry Christmas everyone.

By James Turnage



Politico Magazine

San Diego Free Press

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