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Dick Cheney Existed in a Life Full of Lies

Dick Cheney Existed in a Life Full of Lies
December 08
19:02 2014

Only staunch conservatives who believe that their party has never committed a falsehood, or made a mistake when in power, can deny the destructive falsehoods of the Bush Administration. When Bush, who received pressure from his vice-president to institute a policy of torture, allowed the CIA to attempt accumulation of information by any means necessary, he not only violated international law, but placed shame on a country which once had a moral compass surpassing that of any other nation. When Dick Cheney denied that Americans tortured their adversaries he was blatantly lying. But that is no surprise; Dick Cheney’s entire life has existed in a shroud of lies and misdirection.

Cheney has often been accused of being the devil’s brother. He might more accurately be called Satan himself. The former vice-president is the Charles Manson of politicians. He is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of innocent human beings.

The CIA report, which is expected to be made public tomorrow, will most certainly reveal that the Bush Administration lied about many things to the American public. Firstly, there was never a question about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; that was a pure falsification of the facts to rationalize our invasion of a sovereign nation. Secondly, as our military and CIA received approval to institute a program of torture against suspected enemies, the denial of this fact should place Cheney and Bush in prison for war crimes.

Historically facts have proven that torture never results in the truth. Pain severe enough to affect the mental state of an individual will force them to admit to anything to avoid future physical destruction.

The appalling fact which not only results in anger at Cheney, but also results in consternation among those knowledgeable about history, is that he continues to change the facts of history to make himself more favorable. He is a demonic individual who has used his entire political life to better himself and ignore his country and the people who live in it.

Cheney may be the single person responsible for the success of the 9/11 attacks. At the beginning of the Bush Administration, Cheney was given the task of creating a committee to investigate the possibility of terrorist attacks on the United States. The CIA had advanced information about the possibility of attacks on our nation. Cheney never took any action. The White House counterterrorism czar at the time was Richard Clarke who continuously warned anyone who would listen that an attack was imminent. After the attack occurred, Cheney had the unmitigated gall to claim that Clarke failed in his responsibility when he himself failed to take action as directed by the president.

Falsehood and actions for personal financial gain have a history based in Cheney’s political and business activities. During the Clinton Administration he was the CEO of Halliburton. When the President sought sanctions against Iran, Cheney objected claiming Mr. Clinton was overreacting. Halliburton was heavily involved in business dealings with Tehran.

During the invasion of Iraq, Halliburton was awarded a ‘no-bid’ contract to supply support services. The result was demonstrative with a single evidentiary incident. Our soldiers were forced to pay seven dollars for a can of soda. Cheney remains heavily invested in Halliburton.

When the invasion of Iraq began, Cheney and the Bush Administration estimated the cost would be one to two hundred billion dollars. The actual cost was determined to be in the range of six trillion.

Cheney’s influence on Bush is irrefutable. Our 43rd president was incapable of making decisions by himself, and lacked sufficient knowledge and intelligence to function as our nation’s Commander-in-Chief. That is in no means as excuse for his failed presidency; it simply confirms that the puppet master acted in a manner which was both criminal an immoral.

History will be unkind to Cheney. Unfortunately he will never suffer the consequences of his horrific actions.

By James Turnage



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