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Democrats and Republicans 2016 Weakness

Democrats and Republicans 2016 Weakness
December 03
09:08 2014

DemocratsWhether you align yourself with either major party, or consider yourself an independent, one thing is certain; your choices are few. There is a simple reason why ‘none of the above’ might be your choice for president in 2016; both Democrats and Republicans are displaying weakness with their probable candidates.

Although the polls claim that Hillary Clinton has a lock on the Democratic nomination, is that a good thing? Not all of those who call themselves Democrats support Ms. Clinton. And shouldn’t there be other candidates who deserve enough support to effectively challenge her?

In 2008 now President Barrack Obama surprised many by capturing the Democratic nomination. Most Democrats believed Ms. Clinton would be their candidate. A similar situation seems doubtful for 2016. The only two names mentioned with any credibility other than Ms. Clinton are Vice-President Joe Biden, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Most Democrats like the Vice-President, but that’s where it ends. They enjoy his brash attitude and openness. But few would choose him to be the Party’s standard bearer.

Senator Warren is by far the favorite of those on the extreme left. Her intelligence and constant criticism of Wall Street has swayed many progressives to encourage her to seek the Party’s nomination. The Senator continues to claim that she will not be running. In addition, a poll of all Democrats revealed Ms. Clinton would have a 55 point edge over the Senator.

Republicans have an even greater problem. A recent poll shows that Mitt Romney is the first choice of most who consider themselves members of the GOP. He claims he will not run again.

Three other names are very likely to challenge for the Republican nomination.

There has never been a doubt that the junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, will seek his party’s nomination. He has already put in place a credible team. He began campaigning shortly after obtaining his seat in the Senate. However, his favorability with the majority of Republicans does not reveal sufficient support. His affiliation with the TEA Party may prove detrimental as well.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also expected to run for the White House. His problems are many. He has at times been at odds with members of his own party; two years ago he was not invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference. For many Republicans he faces a personality problem. Although he is a favorite of the late night talk show hosts, his combative and sometimes mean-spirited remarks are off-putting to members of his own party. Like Senator Paul, he does not fare well in recent polls.

‘There have been enough Bush’s in the White House.’ That was a statement by Barbara Bush, wife to one president and mother to another. Any future comments have been spoken away from the public. It is very likely that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will declare his candidacy within the next few weeks. Of the three, he is considered the front runner. He may be the only candidate who can challenge Ms. Clinton; including Romney.

These will likely be the choices given to the American public in 2016.

Most voters are hoping for a candidate from both parties to emerge from the shadows and challenge the status quo. Independent voters are praying for just such a savior; they would like to have greater choices.

By James Turnage



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