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Coulter is an Embarrassment to Normal Women

Coulter is an Embarrassment to Normal Women
December 18
15:18 2014

Just when intelligent human beings thought we had heard it all from the female and blonde Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter revealed that her ignorance only grows with time. Coulter is an embarrassment to all normal women.

The Republican Party has much to be ashamed of; but even they must wish that some of those who claim to be members of the GOP would simply disappear. The least harmful are FOX Noise pundits Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. They do little harm because the only people who listen to them are the brainwashed members of our society who need to be told what to think. Others who claim to represent mainstream Republicans damage the party’s image to a far greater degree.

Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, and Jim DeMint served in Congress, and have also damaged their party, but no one really listens to them anymore. John Boehner is a failure as Speaker of the House, and everyone is aware of his inabilities.

The true court jesters are so far right about everything, they’re wrong.

Let’s begin with Sarah, ‘Caribou Barbie,’ Palin. It almost seems like a bad dream that the GOP could nominate her as their vice-presidential candidate. It wasn’t just the fact that she had, and still has, zero knowledge of foreign affairs, she had zero knowledge about anything. Some might have thought her ‘folksy’ persona was cute in the beginning, but when we all realized it was simply a cover-up for her ignorance, she became an embarrassment to all humans with a measureable IQ.

Rush Limbaugh can fairly be called a ‘wind bag.’ He has never said one thing that was one-hundred percent true. He appeals only to those who possess unwarranted hatred, bigotry and racism. Simply put, he is a buffoon. The only thing about him which actually frightens me is that he has an audience. Is that audience representative of right wing America?

And now it’s Coulter’s turn. She is as vile as Limbaugh, but has fewer supporters. I have often wondered if she is intentionally saying things to make people hate her; if she truly means what she says, she needs a brain transplant.

Coulter is now denying the fact that most women who file rape charges were actually attacked. Although statistics prove that campus sexual assault is on the rise, adhering to the beliefs of the extreme right wing arm of the Republican Party, she claims that she is right and those with the facts are wrong.Coulter

Just last weekend three more charges of sexual assault were filed at Princeton University. Coulter would make the claim that they are ‘just trying to get attention;’ that there ‘is no campus rape problem.’ She claims that the Rolling Stone’s failed article about the University of Virginia proves that all claims of rape at universities are false.

She is also the greatest psychiatrist in the nation. She is positive that the stories by Lena Dunham and Lady Gaga were fabricated.

We need people such as Coulter. Many of us don’t know everything; those that do and have more knowledge than those with actual expertise on the matter are a great help to the rest of us who are unable to think logically, and make up our own minds after we have heard all the facts.

I have often asked the question, ‘how can any thinking woman be a member of a party which is misogynistic, and considers women third class citizens?’ Maybe they’re all like Coulter and checked their brains at the door when they registered as Republicans.

By James Turnage




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