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Cheney’s Crap is Crap

Cheney’s Crap is Crap
December 10
19:06 2014

Commentary by James Turnage

If anyone believed the contradictory remarks by the CIA and the Bush Administration regarding our nation’s horrendous torture of suspected terrorists, they are seriously misinformed and gullible. If there exists a single thing that intelligence agencies despise, it’s the truth. Former vice-president, and right hand man to Lucifer, described the report as ‘crap’ on FOX Noise. I suggest that Cheney is crap.

Bush was not intelligent enough to order torture of detainees post 9/11. Doubt that Bush could be inventive enough to out Valerie Plame is also fairly obvious. Cheney was the devil incarnate with the advice and consult of Karl Rove.

It is understandable that Cheney would defend actions by the CIA; he condoned them. The report confirms history in the fact that torture fails to reveal the truth. Bush’s former vice-president’s ethics and priorities begin and end with his loyalty to Halliburton and its criminal activities which have been profitable beyond reason.

Cheney’s claims that our government received credible intelligence from the torture of detainees lacks proof. He also admitted that he hadn’t read the entire report but the summary confirmed his assumptions prior to its release, that it did not tell the entire story, and distorted the truth. It has become obvious that Cheney does not understand the word truth. It has been said that those who tell lies as a way of defending their lives and careers begin to believe the blatant falsehoods they utter from their mouths. He continued to claim that he did ‘what needed to be done.’

The report also exposed reports by the CIA which were delivered to the United Kingdom. These revelations claimed that American intelligence had under covered a plot by terrorists to attack Heathrow Airport and London’s Canary Wharf. In fact, the discovery was accomplished by British law enforcement.

The released pages number nearly 6,000; they have exposed falsehoods claiming valuable intelligence was discovered due to ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.’ Torture can be defined in multiple ways, but the results and inhumane treatment remain the same. Under the auspices of the White House, United States agencies tortured suspected terrorists. Admissions made under torture have little or no validity.

Does it surprise anyone that after the report was released George W. Bush claimed that the CIA officers involved in torture were ‘Patriots?’ It is unexpected that Cheney decried the report that suggested the CIA had ‘gone rogue’ as ‘all a bunch of hooey?’

Immediately after 9/11 the Bush Administration recognized a political advantage. What would ensure an already unpopular president’s popularity and a sense of credibility? It was simple; create a fear of further terrorist attacks, and convince the American public that any actions taken by the Administration were justified to maintain the security of the American people.

Using a blow horn, Bush stood on ground zero and promised the American people that he would seek out the perpetrators of the attacks ‘no matter where they were hiding.’ Subsequently he invaded Afghanistan but failed to kill Osama bin Laden in the caves where he was hiding because he was on the Pakistani side of the border and would offend our allies. Then, most likely with the insistence of his vice-president, Bush lied to the both the American people and Congress claiming that Iraq was the real culprit, and possessed weapons of mass destruction aimed at the United States.

Seldom used logic legitimizes the CIA report. Lies and intentional falsifications of the facts are proof that our government operated activities involving torture from 2003 through 2009.

When the United States was a great country, such abhorrent actions by our nation’s government would have been unconscionable. War is good business; at least for our government and those invested in the military industrial complex such as Cheney.

There will be deniers of the CIA report. They will be among the guilty who wish to represent the Bush Administration as patriotic and protectors of our nation. The facts, which are opposite to the claims of these opportunistic war mongers, are the truth and will ultimately be a part of history.

By James Turnage





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James Turnage

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