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Bill Cosby in a Tough Situation

Bill Cosby in a Tough Situation
December 04
15:21 2014

This is not written in defense of Bill Cosby. If he is guilty of a single charge made by any of these women, he deserves everything that will happen to him. Sexual predators are among the most evil of men. The complaint that this article is making is that he has already been tried in the media. Sensationalism sells ads, and almost every form of the media has capitalized on the lurid details. Admittedly, Bill Cosby is in a tough situation.

Because the alleged incidents happened more than 40 and 50 years ago, how can they be proven or disproven? They are a ‘he said, she said, situation. The one thing which gives everyone doubt about his innocence is the increasing numbers of women who are making the accusations. When between ten and twenty women accuse one man of the same crime, it becomes difficult to believe in the premise of ‘innocent before proven guilty.’ But why have these women waited all these years? And for most of them, the statute of limitations has expired.

A single claim can be investigated. A woman who was 15 in the 1970’s has filed a lawsuit against the comedian. Because she was a teenager at the time of the alleged sexual misconduct, her charges are allowed to be heard in a court of law.

In 1974 the young woman and her 16-year-old-friend met Cosby at an outdoor set in Los Angeles. After spending time with the young women, and plying them with alcohol, he took them to the Playboy Mansion. He told them to tell anyone who asked that they we nineteen. When his future accuser needed to use the restroom, he ushered her into a private bathroom inside of a bedroom. When she emerged, he asked her to sit beside him. He allegedly attempted to place a hand down her pants. Then he placed one of her hands inside his and proceeded to perform a sex act on himself without her consent.

Fellow comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock shared dismay and shock after the allegations erupted. They both admired him, even before their careers began to grow.

Television and concert promoters have cancelled reruns of his shows and upcoming comedy performances. The latest to denounce the 77-year-old legend is the United States Navy. Cosby had enlisted in 1956. He was discharged in 1960. Later in his career he was awarded the rank of ‘honorary chief petty officer.’ The Navy has now removed that honor.

If this single case comes to trial, maybe we all will know more about what happened decades ago.

This article is intended to be a criticism of tabloid journalism. The ‘National Enquirer’ used to be the butt of jokes for comedians. Sadly in today’s fight for ratings and advertising dollars, nearly every media outlet, in all of its forms has become just as laughable.

There are serious events occurring all over the world every day; our nation is in shambles and constant upheaval; our government is broken, and it appears irreparable; and this is the last season of ‘The Newsroom.’ The tragedies never end.

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