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American Soldiers Engaged in Combat

American Soldiers Engaged in Combat
December 18
07:43 2014

As history repeats itself, ‘advisors’ sent to Iraq by the President are now engaged in combat, fighting alongside the Kurdish and Iraqi freedom fighters. The unsubstantiated report says that American forces moved to protect the Ain Al-Assad base as ISIS forces advanced. Over 50 years ago other American ‘advisors’ were forced into combat in Southeast Asia. As U.S. military began to return home in body bags, the number of combat troops increased. This is likely to happen in northern Iraq.

About 100 American military are stationed at the base. With their assistance and aided by air support from F-18’s, ISIS was forced to retreat from the area of Al-Dolab.

The only guarantee the American people can expect when another chance to engage in a war looms on the horizon is that our government will lie to us. The label ‘advisor’ would more truthfully be called ‘combat support.’

The 112th and 113th Congress’ accomplished virtually nothing in four years, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. The only time they move quickly is to take action when they have an opportunity to go to war. The funds magically appear, and they have no qualms about placing American soldiers in harm’s way.

The report which revealed that American forces have engaged in combat came from Kurdish and Iraqi leaders. The spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colonel Edward Thomas, continues to claim that United States military forces have not engaged in battle against ISIS forces. By next month, the number of American ‘advisors’ will reach 3,000.

ISIS is not comprised of true followers of Islam. They are comprised of thugs and mentally deranged individuals, whose lives had no purpose or direction. Their goal is to create a state controlled by a group of men who wish to become dictators and dominate women and weaker members of that state. It has nothing to do with religion.

The fight against ISIS has no involvement and no benefit for the United States. The war should be between the nations in the region. The defense of their countries must be their responsibility. American soldiers have no reason to engage in battle in the Mideast. The singular result which will affect the American people will be attacks by individuals or small groups who will take action against everyday citizens. Incidents such as the tragedy in Sydney, Australia, will likely occur in our country.American

History is taught with the hope that the mistakes of the past will be a deterrent for future blunders. Unfortunately, the American government lacks the ability to learn from history. Losses in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq are being discarded as ‘collateral damage.’ There exists no advantage for our nation or our people in waging a war against a group of terrorists who do not pose a direct threat to the United States.

Our President and leaders in Washington are simply ‘blowing smoke’ when they promise that there will be no ‘boots on the ground’ in the Mideast. Our military has engaged in its first combat, and sadly it is just the beginning. America’s military leaders are already campaigning for thousands more ‘advisors’ to be sent to the region.

Our country has never met a war it didn’t like.

By James Turnage




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