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Ron Paul Speaks Out

Ron Paul Speaks Out
November 10
13:45 2014

Although his son, Rand Paul, is probably more famous than he is in 2014, Ron Paul has been a notable figure in American politics since 1974. After serving time as a Doctor in the United States Air Force and then the Air Force Reserve, he ran for a Congressional Seat from Texas. Although he lost his bid for the House, two years later he replaced retired Robert Casey for just a few months, losing his reelection bid. He was finally elected in 1978, and was reelected twice. He became well known as a critic of our nation’s banking and financial systems.

He ran for the Senate in 1984 and lost. Championing his views on pro-life and as the federal governments best-known critic, he broke ranks with Republicans and became the Presidential Candidate of the Libertarian Party in 1988.

In 1996 he once again fought for the Republican Party’s nomination for a Congressional seat. Although his opponent was heavily supported by the NRA and outspent Paul, he won, and has been continuously reelected to the House.

His Libertarian views affected his ideals regarding executive power, taxation, and abortion. He is one of very few Republicans to have voted against both the War in Iraq, and the Patriot Act.

Mr. Paul made one more bid for the Republican nomination for the White House in 2008, but failed. He continues to be an influential member of the GOP, all the while retaining his Libertarian views.

Post-election comments last week concerning the Republican victories in both the House and Senate were not optimistic nor celebratory. He firmly believes that nothing will change in Washington; the gridlock will continue. He also fears that with Republicans in control of the Senate, United States combat forces may soon be on the ground in both Syria and Iraq.

Mr. Paul has already been proven to be partially correct. Last week President Obama announced he was seeking approval for 1,500 more troops to be sent to Iraq to ‘advise and train.’ The President is also seeking 5.6 billion dollars to fund what he claims are non-combat operations.

Mr. Paul went on to say that America is no longer a Democracy, he claims it is now a monopoly. Although there remain two major parties, the only ideas in our nation come from the leaders of Democrats and Republicans. His answer is a functioning and powerful third party, (and he doesn’t mean the TEA Party).

Mr. Paul heavily criticized Congress for sending our finest young people to wars all over the world, asserting that Democratic elections are a must; while here in the states democracy fails to exist.

Without uttering the exact words he was critical of both parties; they have become all too powerful and self-serving.

His statements have more validity than most voters comprehend. Immediately after the election, members of the RNC announced that they can only retake the presidency if a ‘true conservative’ is nominated. In other words, only a select few are qualified to be chosen to run for our nation’s highest office, and they must meet the party’s requirements, not those of the American people.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, who is deeply entrenched in the Democratic Party, may face a challenge from Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts. Ms. Warren shares at least one of Mr. Paul’s views; she is an enemy of Wall Street and the Banking Industry.

By James Turnage



The Washington Examiner


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