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Political Extremists are Destroying America

Political Extremists are Destroying America
November 13
12:04 2014

Commentary by James Turnage

Writers such as myself who attempt to be Independent with our political alliances rarely succeed at our efforts. We read too much and follow far too many news programs. It is difficult to be unbiased. One thing we all agree on is that political extremists are destroying America.

When I read statements such as ‘he or she is not liberal enough,’ or ‘he or she is not enough of a conservative’ I understand why our government is broken.

I’m not certain what either party truly stands for today. Their only separation is that Republicans are the party of wealthy Americans, and Democrats represent the working man. But there it ends. All 535 members of Congress, presidential candidates, and Supreme Court nominees will say anything to get elected, whether they mean it or not.

Exit polls have proven that most voters cast their ballots for the wrong reasons. No mistake has caused more division within our government and the nation than the election of extremists. The two party system is an abject failure. Instead of deliberating issues, extremists seek to dictate the policies government will follow.

Political activist groups within the two parties demand that their position on issues be the only position their party upholds. Many of these groups are composed of racists and bigots. Common sense and reality have no place in extremism; extremism has no place in our nation.

Examples of how nonsensical extremism can be were displayed in the November election.

The National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay group, celebrated their victory in the midterms. They campaigned to keep three Republican candidates from attaining office because they were pro-gay-marriage. Three Democrats were elected in their stead. All three Democrats are in favor of gay marriage. The question must be asked; huh?

This is simply proof that for many extreme groups a single issue is their only concern. Ignorance abounds.

Senator Rob Portman is a Republican Senator from the state of Ohio. Portman changed his position on gay marriage when he discovered his son was gay; he is now for gay marriage. He has been singled out as a possible nominee for the Republican Party in 2016 to challenge for the White House.

Brian Brown, who is the president of the National Organization for Marriage, has targeted Portman for his reelection or possible presidential bid in 2016. Brown said that Portman can forget about becoming president because of his position on gay marriage.

Inside the Republican Party the bickering has begun. The extremist members of the TEA Party are criticizing more moderate members of the GOP for their softening on several key issues, and promising to work with the President. Their main point of contention is the Affordable Care Act. Mitch McConnell has declared that Republicans have no plans to repeal the entire act. Ted Cruz, Republican Senator and TEA Party darling from Texas, was livid.

Extremism is the sole reason why the 112th and 113th Congress’ virtually accomplished nothing. Fortunately, the majority of Republicans elected on November 4th are more moderate than extreme.

James Turnage




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James Turnage

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