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ISIS or Mexican Cartels?

ISIS or Mexican Cartels?
November 20
12:46 2014

Once again the United States is at war in the Mideast. Our government is not intelligent enough to keep us out of an area of the world which doesn’t want us there. The battle which needs to be fought is just beyond our border. Should we be fighting ISIS or be assisting the Mexican Government in their battle with drug cartels and other hoodlums including many of its own law enforcement?

President Obama will change a portion of our immigration laws today. Whether you are for or against his actions, immigration problems will not go away, and must be addressed. Part of the plan should be to eliminate reasons why thousands of Hispanics attempt to enter the United States every year.

The cost of fighting ISIS will add an additional 30 to 40 billion dollars to the national budget. And what will our country gain for the cost? Nothing; nada; zilch. Once again we will have lost a war.

Forty billion dollars would go a long way fighting a war with Mexico’s cartels. Why does our government have concerns for Iraq and Syria? Why doesn’t it care about the Hispanic population of our neighbor?

43 students disappeared recently. Later it was discovered that police in the state of Guerrero had taken them in mid-September. They were then turned over to a gang of killers who burned the bodies and buried them in a mass grave.

Mexico’s President declared war on the drug cartels eight years ago. Today more than 100,000 of the country’s people have been murdered and over 20,000 are still missing.

The United States Government gives approximately three billion dollars annually to aid the Mexican Government in their fight against the well-armed and bloodthirsty cartels. As the violence escalates between the cartels themselves and with the authorities, the death toll mounts. Neither President Obama nor a single member of Congress has addressed the deplorable condition of our neighboring country to the south.

ISIS is evil, but are they worse than the Mexican Drug Cartels? The simple answer is ‘no.’

The war with ISIS will eventually cost lives of Americans, and far more than the estimated 30-40 billion dollars. Our government will have continued the bankruptcy of our nation, and who knows how many of our bravest men and women will lose their lives for nothing, as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When the whereabouts of 43 students was in question, protests erupted throughout Mexico. There were also protests in New York at the Mexican Consulate. Our government ignored the pleas of frightened parents to assist with the search for their children. The question is, ‘why?’

Blame it on politics. While Republicans and some Democrats pound on the table encouraging a war with ISIS, there is a complete lack of compassion for our Hispanic brothers and sisters. Our President has once again displayed his weakness by appeasing his foes.

Our nation has lost its way. When Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, he guaranteed that the United States would never be at peace in the Muslim world; it’s a lost cause. The former President proudly stated that ‘they hate us for our freedom.’ He should have told the truth; ‘they hate us because we took away their freedom,’ and helped to create extremist groups such as ISIS.

By James Turnage



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James Turnage

James Turnage is currently a writer and editor for The Public Slate, a subsidiary of the Guardian Liberty Voice. He is also a novelist who is in the process of publishing his fourth effort. His experience includes performing the responsibilities of a Managing Editor, reporter, columnist, and independent contributor. Contributions to sports publications such as The Penalty Flag and Sports Spartan complete his resume.

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