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Democrats Seek Help from Women

Democrats Seek Help from Women
November 01
14:33 2014

The combination of a midterm election and a ‘lame duck’ president traditionally results in a loss of six seats in the Senate. If that occurs, Mitch McConnell would be the Senate Majority Leader. With only three days left, Democrats are seeking help from both women candidates and women voters to prevent losing the Senate.

Republicans continue to use President Obama’s six-year record to attack Democratic candidates. The fact is that they should be aligning themselves with their party’s leader who has struggled through one of the most difficult presidencies in our nation’s history. He inherited two wars, an economy in severe recession, huge unemployment numbers, and a negative opinion of our nation around the world.

So what did he do? He ended two illegal and immoral wars; our economy is in recovery; unemployment rates are near the 10 year average; he led Congress to the approval of a successful universal health care plan; and, with the exception of the Muslim world, international relations are once again amenable.

Another issue the TEA Party continues to decry is government spending. Conservatives all fail to acknowledge the fact that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush far outspent Mr. Obama’s Administration.

The hope of saving the Senate rests on the shoulders of women. There are nine Senate seats remaining too close to call; six of them include Democratic Incumbents.

Two Female Senatorial candidates who are fighting for election are Allison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.

Grimes is in a battle with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Probable 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared with her today in the ‘Blue Grass State’ to rally women around Grimes’ stand on women’s issues.

Just less than a month ago, the Democratic committee which determines which Senatorial candidates they will support removed funding for Ms. Grimes. Less than a week later, when the polls showed her gaining ground on McConnell, they moved back into Kentucky. Today, McConnell appears to be leading in the polls, but Grimes continues to be hopeful and is encouraging women to go to the polls is crucial.

Jeanne Shaheen is struggling for reelection. She is facing former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Advocates for Democratic women in politics have been at work for Ms. Shaheen. The disadvantage she is facing is that women voters are traditionally missing in midterm elections.

Iowa’s Senate race presents a reverse gender vote. Democrat Bruce Braley has the higher percentage of female votes, while his opponent Republican Joni Ernst has more male support.

The reason is Ms. Ernst’s stand on women’s issues. She would attempt to propose the same bill in the Senate which she supported in Iowa; to give ‘personhood’ to a fetus at the moment of fertility. She also opposes equal pay for women and an increase in the federal minimum wage.

Will the sky fall if Republicans gain control of both houses? Maybe just the opposite.

History shows that Republicans increase spending in such a scenario, increase the size of government, and are more apt to pass issues affecting the middle class.

Never forget; there is also the veto power held by the President.

By James Turnage


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