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America’s Growing Ignorance

America’s Growing Ignorance
November 23
06:54 2014

When I find myself needing affirmation that some intelligence remains in our nation I watch the first episode of ‘The Newsroom.’ Jeff Daniel’s character is part of a panel at a university. A pert coed asks him why the United States is the greatest country in the world. He looks at her with disdain and proceeds to explain why we are no longer a great country. The primary reason we have lost our way is that the American people accept ignorance. We watch too much television and believe the lies and misdirection babbled on so-called news shows such as FOX.

I use the example of former FOX commentator Glenn Beck. Viewers eventually tired of his rehearsed emotional breakdowns as he was uttering fallacious statements; he is now on the radio just as his twin brother Rush Limbaugh.

This week he attacked the mainstream media, most of his tirade directed at the Associated Press. As is always the case, he spoke about an issue of which he has no factual knowledge. Fifteen minutes of his radio broadcast was wasted defending Bill Cosby.

No one knows the truth about what occurred between Mr. Cosby and these 13 plus women. I join with many others who hope that the allegations are false. They happened long ago, and the women cannot prove their claims at this time. For Mr. Cosby, he has the nearly impossible challenge of proving his innocence. Either way, it’s a ‘he said, she said’ situation.

Beck took a different approach. He claims that Mr. Cosby is the victim; the media is raping him. Irresponsible verbiage can and does influence the uninformed and those who fail to search for the truth. Beck, O’Reilly, and Hannity fooled their viewers for years on FOX and are responsible for the disrespect offered to our President. If these devotees of right wing extremists took a little time to look at the facts, they would be far less angry.

President Obama has his faults, and Independents such as myself are not pleased with his inaction on many issues. However, he must be praised for accomplishing in six years what seemed impossible in 2008. He inherited the worst economic situation our country faced since the Great Depression. Our nation is not only on the road to recovery, much of the recovery has been accomplished.

The big question I ask is how Republicans who are the Party of the wealthy can have a single complaint. While the working class and poor continue to struggle under Obama’s Administration the wealthiest in our nation have flourished. Corporate profits have never been higher; the stock market has reached a new record; greed is dominating our nation.

It may be too late, but our nation’s people must cease their belief that everything they see and hear on television or from the pulpit is the absolute truth. We must have more respect for our right to vote, and vote only on the issues, not because of attack ads or because a candidate has a ‘D’ or ‘R’ next to his or her name.

This country is declining in every way; we are following the path of the Roman Empire and will self-destruct as President Abraham Lincoln predicted more than a century ago.

Maybe we’re too lazy to take intelligent action. Our choices will choose whether or not America exists in 50 years.

By James Turnage




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James Turnage

James Turnage

James Turnage is currently a writer and editor for The Public Slate, a subsidiary of the Guardian Liberty Voice. He is also a novelist who is in the process of publishing his fourth effort. His experience includes performing the responsibilities of a Managing Editor, reporter, columnist, and independent contributor. Contributions to sports publications such as The Penalty Flag and Sports Spartan complete his resume.

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