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Political Correctness Is a Liberal’s Dream

Political Correctness Is a Liberal’s Dream
October 03
19:54 2014


When liberals get bored, meaning they have run out of the next thing they want banned, the simply go to Walmart where the assumption is they can always find some low-life item that is beneath their own elitist standards to forever banish from their utopian “green planet.” The latest liberal attack item hitting the news outlets today is by Yahoo Style’s Assistant Editor, Lauren Tuck, who promptly picked up on a blog item condemning superhero-themed apparel that are purportedly displaying sexist messages like, “Training to be Batman’s Wife.” This is the sort of politically correct idiocy that often brings about the expected dream come true response from liberals via Twitter and other social media.

It is intellectually painful that someone is actually being forced to explain this to those who stand at the ready 86,400 seconds a day with the liberal PC paddle ready to spring into action. Painful as it is, perhaps there might be a lesson in the exercise. Training to be the wife of Batman on its face does seem to be an insurmountable task. Nonetheless, the outrage seems to be inferred from the notion that a woman must go through some prerequisite “training” in order to be good enough to qualify for the unequivocal privilege of becoming the infinitesimally fortunate bride of Batman.

In the case of the Walmart T-shirt depicting Superman and Wonder Woman embracing each other, the outrage apparently stems from the captions “Score,” and “Superman does it again.” The only logical explanation as to why these words are suddenly appearing in public is because some enterprising T-shirt entrepreneur believed it would sell and Wallmart’s buyer agreed. Perhaps the most sexist thing about that particular T-shirt is the possibility that the conquest illustrated belongs to Superman, and not to to Wonder Woman who could just as well have successfully used the power of her sexuality to lure the affections of Superman. Imagine that, a woman using sex to get what she wants. What an absurd concept.

Are either of those perceptions offensive? With 317 million people living in the United States there are bound to be some who think so. It might also be considered offensive to have the liberal perception dictated to the rest of the population that because it is offensive to them, it shall therefore be offensive to everyone and deserves to be banished from Walmart’s clothes racks everywhere.

Not to be outdone, in a Target store complaints were received over baby pajamas that depicted the Superman “S” logo with the caption “I only date heroes” printed on the pink pajama and “Future man of steel” printed on the blue pajama. The logical next step is to ban the colors pink and blue as sexist.

Faced with the dilemma of determining whether the issue is sexist and offensive or not, the only plausible means to arrive at the truth in the T-shirt and pajama caper of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman is to have all three superheroes appear on ABC network’s “The View.” Similar to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, this is where other non-fictional characters like Whoopie Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie Perez team up against liberal Nicole Wallace, who plays the “conservative” on the show. This liberal panel, which regularly demonstrates their authoritative expertise and keen investigative prowess on political correctness, dream analysis, the Bush “inside job” attack on 9/11 and the like, is uniquely qualified to get at the root of what it means to be “in training” to be the bride of Batman; and what “Score” Superman got, and what exactly it was that he “did again.”

Or perhaps the children liberals are seeking to protect from such offensiveness, of course those being the children they have so generously permitted to be born, might just be rational enough to understand that there really is no training to become the wife of a comic strip character or any other member of the same or opposite gender.


As such, the people in the United State of America, because of the governing document gifted to her by the framers of the United States Constitution, have every right to be stupid, say stupid things, and yes, sell stupid T-shirts and stupid pajamas. Astonishingly, stupid people also have every right to run for public office and if enough stupid people vote for them, they can be elected to the highest office in the land and become the leader of the Free World.

Profoundly, the liberals’ love affair with political correctness is manifested across the social and political spectrum from pajamas to the war on terrorism. As the debate rages on about the destructive and dangerous impact it has upon American culture, experts see it as a critical weakness that has the potential to cripple rational decision making and threaten national security. One man’s “humanitarian crisis” is another man’s “decoy” and another man’s “invasion,” and another man’s “Ebola pandemic.”

In a country that holds freedom so dear as does the United States, it is troublesome that some believe freedom means having an absolute right not to be offended. As with anything, there are of course exceptions, however, by and large, liberals claim they represent “tolerance” and “inclusion,” while accusing conservatives of representing racism, exclusion and hatred. Yet, when conservatives do not care for something, they simply choose not to buy it, participate with it or else they will just ignore it. When liberals do not care for something, their solution is to sue and ban it. It makes no difference to them if it is an over-sized New York City soft drink or a stupid slogan on a Walmart T-shirt.

In the United States, it has become politically incorrect for a U.S. military combat veteran to fly an American flag in front of his home because it offends his neighbors; and politically incorrect to be the one offended by a neighbor flying the Mexican flag in front of their home. In the former case, the flag-waving veteran was threatened with fines and the loss of his home. In the later case, the offended neighbor was fired from her job. Clearly, as America struggles to retain her identity, there is no longer a discernible north or south on its social compass.

The world has become extremely complex and dangerous. Surviving in an environment where societal and warfare rules of engagement are hampered and dictated by political correctness has become equally problematic. The time has come for the liberal dream where all in the world is politically correct to finally meet reality.

Opinion by Mark Politi

The Daily Dot
USA Today
NY Daily News
ABC News
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mike Ross

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