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DOJ Post Eric Holder: Business as Usual or Honest Justice

DOJ Post Eric Holder: Business as Usual or Honest Justice
September 27
03:16 2014

Eric Holder

Written by Zackery Shoemaker: Now that Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning, many are hopeful, based on the turmoil created by the outgoing AG, that President Obama will be forced to name a successor that will adhere to the principles of integrity and honest Justice. The concept of honest justice is something that the Nobel Prize winner has danced around during his entire presidency with astonishing effect. It is no secret that many Americans are fed up with the manner in which the Department of Justice has been operating, namely in its biased selective enforcement of the law.  However, it is feared that another Obama crony has already been identified and is merely waiting in the wings to fill Holder’s spot, thus continuing. like Holder, to advise the president how to overcome Congressional resistance to his efforts to transform America.

More than five years have elapsed since Eric Holder took his post as Attorney General, and it was very clear throughout his tenure that most of the justice meted out was personally oriented by Mr. Holder in support of President Obama’s policies and best interests. From the ATF’s Fast and Furious tragedy to the Lois Lerner IRS missing emails, this attorney general has demonstrated how politics, as well as race, are very much part of the fabric of his justice scheme. Without Congressional action or overwhelming public opinion influence, few, if any transgressions allegedly committed by the Obama Administration would ever be righteously investigated by the Department of Justice.

With respect to the use, or abuse, of the United States military, President Obama has exercised his executive authority to continue a war justified under an authorization of force that actually limited President George W. Bush’s power to bring to justice those responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001. As it stands, however, the Department of Justice has done little to rein in any powers used or misused by the current Commander in Chief. When President Obama seeks to impose his will without Congressional approval, particularly in the use of the military, Attorney General Holder has advised the president in any way possible how to avoid the executive limitations set forth in the wording of Section 2(a) of the Authorization For Use of United States Armed Forces, to wit:

Section 2a Res.23, 107th Congress

As set forth in the existing law, the president is authorized to deploy the armed forces against those responsible for 9/11 with nearly unquestionable power, and it gave the former president substantial control over how he did so. However, the ongoing war on terror is battling new threats every day, and if justice is truly to be served, then it is the responsibility of the Congress to draft the appropriate bill that specifically addresses the subject. In the absence of such law, the president’s exercise of executive authority is an illegal use of his office. Under the next attorney general, the question remains whether there will be justice at home and abroad, or will another crony pick up the corrupt charge and secure the reigning tyranny over the American Republic once again.

It is likely, with the long-term blatant misuse of the Justice Department and subsequent inaction, that we will see no real change under the current administration. Eric Holder has done an immense job of covering up the Obama Administration’s dirty tracks and playing politics which has allowed the administration to continue nearly unscathed. The manner in which Eric Holder executed his duties as Attorney General made it obvious that his priority was to turn a blind eye and play along with the politics permitting the furtherance of the president’s agenda with impunity. In the current environment, there is little hope that Holder’s replacement will represent a departure from the Obama status quo.

Opinion by Zackery Shumaker
Fox News
Text of Res. 23, 107th Congress
Photo Credit: Courtesy of City of Charleston SC


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