Margaret Scherf

Margaret Scherf, a news correspondent and editor for the Associated Press (AP) passed away Feb 18, 2016, at the age of 75. In a statement by Scherf's family, her passing comes as a result...

I for one have had enough. Last Wednesday when Rudy Giuliani made his first ignorant remark, and someone put it on the internet, that should have been the end of his half-minute of fame....

Our nation has more divisions than assets which unite us. There are the rich vs. the poor; because the laws are ineffective, there is age discrimination; there continues to be enormous racism and bigotry;...
Brian Williams

Let’s look at this in a logical and common sense manner, and eliminate the emotional tirades. Brian Williams misspoke about his experience in 2003; the firestorm from the mistaken statement is a ploy by...
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