Libertarian Politics

Libertarian Politics

Although his son, Rand Paul, is probably more famous than he is in 2014, Ron Paul has been a notable figure in American politics since 1974. After serving time as a Doctor in the...
Rand Paul

It’s finally over; even those in attendance must be exhausted from bashing Obama and Clinton. CPAC ended without accomplishing anything constructive with one exception; Rand Paul is the GOP front runner for the 2016...
Rand Paul

Very soon presidential candidates will be announcing their intentions for 2016. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is expected to declare her candidacy in April. It may be advantageous for Republicans to announce their...

Any government official you might ask will deny that American imperialism is the cause for much of the world’s unrest. Attempts by virtually every administration, (with the exception of Jimmy Carter’s), to force our...
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