Colin Farrell, Farrell

Last year, the Irish government announced a referendum vote on the issue of marriage equality for the country. The vote, scheduled for May 2015, will be one of the biggest steps on LGBT rights...

Vanessa Collier's sudden death brought her family to their knees and, on top of that, the church service that was set up was denied just minutes prior to her funeral due to a lesbian...
Jeb Bush, Bush

Same-sex marriage is legal in Florida and the most important thing that many people are taking away from it is what Jeb Bush thinks about it. As the former governor of Florida and a...
Leelah Alcorn, Leelah

The tragic story of Leelah Alcorn has created a lot of sadness and anger for people and, as often happens with senseless death, they are looking for someone to blame. It is an understandable...
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