About Us

About Us

pslogo1The Public Slate seeks to inform readers in a timely, accurate, and lively manner on important issues affecting all Americans. TPS encourages strong debate and welcomes contributions from citizen journalists as well as seasoned journalists.

TPS has a mission to report on all sides of the political spectrum so that readers can become better informed about political issues, the state of the nation and about those that serve in leadership roles from the local level, to the United States Congress to the highest office of the President.

Our staff

Cherese Jackson
Cherese, co-founder of New Direction Coaching Associates, is a life and business coach, speaker, author, member of the National Association of Professional Women, Great Black Speakers Bureau and others.
Gricelda Vicario
Degree in computer graphics design. Specializes in logo and magazine layouts.
Cathy Milne
DiMarkco Chandler
DiMarkco Chandler spent 10 years working on a BA, MA and PhD. He is a professor at the Liberty Voice Institute specializing in Journalism,
Jeanette Smith
Jeanette is an educator for The News School, who is addicted to learning. She is proud of her role as the self-proclaimed Boot Camp Cheerleader. She is writing a thriller novel. She finds herself amused by politics.
Heather Abbott
George Adegbe
Howard Adelman
Oluwatomide Adeoye
Stephen Akinola
Serena Alibhai
Belal Almusleh
Patrick Ambrosio
Sophia Ando
Dorna Aprin
Joshua Arnold
Katie Artis
Ngwe-Nwi Claudette Asaba
Umar Asad
Berkan Asanovski
Carolyn Bamford
Alex Barlow
Nicholas Bartholomew
Danubia Benton
Ruth Bevan
Chris Bischof
LaTarsha Bixby
Chanelle Bligh
Emilie Boyles
Alfredo Martin Bravo De Rueda Espejo
Justin Brown
Terica Brown
Joe Burgett
Stephanie Butler
Carlos Castro
Joydip Chakladar
DiMarkco Chandler
Leanna Childers
May Chong
Molly Congdon
Frederick Cooper
Forrest Crellin
Kathryn Crow
Charlie Daniel
Dion Dawson
Isadora Delgado
April DeLong
Jonathan Demoura
Aroha De Silva
Robert Desmarat
Patricia Didelot
Christine Ditzler
Carmen Dixon
Jamie Donnelly
Daisy Donovan
Vaughn Downes
Paul Dragu
Nadiya Edwards
Nazem Elmasri
Corinne Enright
Mrs E Erastus Obilo
Laura Farkas
Stephanie Feliciano
Kathy Fetherlin
Alizah Flesher
Arthur Foater
Bryanna Freeman
Bryan Friedman
Blake Gardner
Brett Garrett
Jim Goldberg
Leandro Goncalves
Jasmine Goodman
Jeff Gould
Frank Grados
Sederia Graves
Derek Greene
Amanda Greenwood
John Gregory
Dean Gustafson
Andrea Hackett
Uzma Hafeez
Elizabeth Hageman
Patty Hails
Etoria Hallums
Mohamad Hannouf
Clara Harrison
Kiara Hartley
Malcolm Harvin-Conner
Rudolph Hatfield
Megan Hellmann
Phillip Hernandez
TNaryl Hines
Trey Hines
Lisa Hogben
Jaime Horton
Treyc Howard
Andrew Hughes
Maya Hunter
Charles Jackson
Natalie Jameson
Erin Jarboe
Tabitha Jenkins
Tosca Johnson
Theresa Jonathan
Johnson Joseph
Daniel Kamau
Taylor Kaminski
Chandrababu Kandregula
DYNA Kassir
Alan Kelsky
Jeff Kenneth
Priscilla King
Dennis Kiplangat
Jonathan Kirk
Else Klavins
Dee Kokel
Thomas Koury
Basanta Lamichhane
Peter Lane
Russel Langley
Trienda Lighten
Rita Limar
Casey Lowrey
Janet Loyola
Jennifer Lynch
Benjamin Mabinda
Becky Magill
Mradula Mahajan
Triyanti Mandasari
Lewis Manuel
Andrew Marshall
Ifeanyi Matthew
John McNabb
Justin Messer
Hemanshu Mishra
Catherine Monreal
Emmanuel Monsegur
Treyce Montoya
Thabiso Mtsweni
Samuel Muriithi
Hailey Murray
Ari Mushell
Amanda Myers
Vanes Naldi
Deborah Narimanidze
Richard Nata
Matthew Nelson
James Nganga
Ndodana Nleya
Nope Nope
Jessica Northcutt-Swain
Charles Nwaobasi
April Office
Ifeanyi Okoki
Andrew Orr
Tonia Ostbye
Rebecca Panning
Christina Parisi
Laci Parker
Peggy Parker
Amanda Pelletier
Santiago Peluffo
April Pepin
Brandon Petty
Channra Phea
Tahnee Porter
Raghabendra Pradhan
Brett Pucino
Dilnawaz Qamar
Jovannah Radtke
Ingrid Redding
Natalie Redman
Tommie Reed
Joseph Rejent
Chana Roberts
Christopher Robideaux
Lauren Roll
Q Rose
Nancy Ryle
Theo Salaun
Max Schlossberg
Riyan Septa
Kaitlyn Sexton
Mason Shade
Gwendolyn Sheys
Bruno Silva
William Silva
Skyler Skinner
Angela Sluder
Gabrielle Smith
Sreeja Sreedharan
Jimmie Lee Staley
Harrison Stamoudis
Shannon Stone
Stephanie Tanner
Chelsea Tarantine
Shafeqah Torres
August Tower
Phuong Tran
Sean Tudor
Levi Tupper
Kalim Ullah
Olivia Uribe
Gary Vause
Elani Venter
David Vineyard
Michiel Visser
Kenneth Ward
Azaria Wassyihun
Tarek Wegner
Evan Weisberg
Emily West
Randy Williams
Tamara Williams
Brooke Williamson
Danny Woodcock
Samuel Wright
Mirha Zahid
Jordan Zeitler
Jeanette Phillips
James Cannon
Laura Oneale
Bianca-Ramona Dumitru
John Federico
Laurel Fee
Katherine Miller
Bashar Saajid
Randee Ware
Carol Ruth Weber
Carol Ruth Weber is a writer with a quest to spread wisdoms to all the world. She is known as a lifestyle influencer through her abilities as a wordsmith and communicator. With a constant thirst to learn and thrust herself fully into new endeavors, Carol truly believes in the must to live life to its fullest. Along the way, Carol honed her skills as a wordsmith to become a thought-provoking correspondent. With extensive experience in life, she has given her knowledge to the world through her writing. Carol actively writes on lifestyle including home, fashion, beauty, health, technology, travel, as well as reviews and high-profile interviews, along with relevant and breaking news items. Known for her head for thoughtful words as much as her head of curls, Carol’s objective is to write pieces that excite, inspire and stimulate.
Joel Wickwire
Kelly Newson
Andrea Lopez
Jomo Merritt
Katherine Miller
Kelly Newson
Chico Rangel
Bassil Sockar
Gian Torres
Jhayla Walls
Amy Weins
Maurice Cassidy
Father Larry Dowling
Brielle R. Buford
Breanna Harris
Devin Jackson
Alexandria Martin
Dwayne McClain
Anthony Pace
Joshua Powell
Nicole Thompson
Tracy Blake
Jireh Gibson
Juanita Lewis
Shepherd Mutsvara
Shepherd is a versatile writer who covers World News, Science and Sports.
D.T. Osborn