‘Pretty Little Liars’ Booming TV Series Finally Over

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Booming TV Series Finally Over


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In Ravenswood, Pennsylvania, four, 16-year-old, American girls tumbled into a 7-year stretch of chaos at the hands of an unknown, unseen tormentor.

The five close friends Lucy Hale, as Aria Montgomery; Troian Bellisario, as Spencer Hastings; Ashley Benson, as Hanna Martin; Shay Mitchell, as Emily Fields; and Sasha Pieterse, as Alison DiLaurentis break apart after the group leader, Alison, disappears.

Her body was discovered, and soon the friends are reunited. They each receive a mysterious text message threatening to expose their deepest, darkest secrets.

It could have been Alison, each message was signed “A.” Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Ashley’s perfect lives are coming to an end as they try to unravel who else knows what secret they are hiding. All of them thought it was Alison, yet her body was found. Therefore, the question, which has everyone on the edge of their seats, remains a mystery.

Seven seasons of outrageous and peculiar plot twists kept airing on “Pretty Little Liars.” Viewers wanted more of the thrill and suspense the TV show brought them. The female performances stood as one of the most genuine aspects of the show, in addition, “Pretty Little Liars” was heady stuff that enraptured and probably corrupted a generation.

Whoever is unmasked as “A,” the four friends are not going to enjoy their happy ending. “Pretty Little Liars” is an inscrutable, intriguing, and compelling plot line that captures untold secrets about each character, including who was behind the disappearance of Allison.

“Pretty Little Liars” has been the number one hit series, with over a million viewers.

The prettiest girls hold the most concealed secrets. The show, “Pretty Little Liars,” was running strong and caught the attention of audiences quickly. Current fans remained up-to-date and news fans can enjoy the show, thanks to Netflix and Hulu.

“Pretty Little Liars” is wrapping up the final season.

What is next for these pretty little stars? They have several projects devoted to the PLL fan base.

Bellisario will be the lead in two films and has a diverse project coming soon.

Hale, with a pilot and three films on the horizon, has lined up quite a busy schedule in the coming months, starring in the new film “Dude and Miles.”

Mitchell’s next role is in the horror-thriller film “Cadaver,” and she is in the midst of writing another book.

Benson does not yet have a solid plan after PLL, but she will continue in film. Pieterse recently teased about her mystery project, and she is keeping busy with her food and lifestyle blog.

“Pretty Little Liars” had an audience in-tuned to the mysterious happenings with the four best friends. The “Pretty Little Liars” cast and crew has thrilled and spooked into the wildest secrets. The TV show’s seven years was worth every bit, giving fans the bizarre episodes they were looking for.

However, Hollywood is creative and there will soon be another hit TV series in the making. The four stars have come closer than they were before, and they will cherish this moment. Their personal ties will remain intense as each goes their separate ways.

Written by Kwjuana Owens
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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