Windows 10 S Not Living Up to All the Promises

Windows 10 S Not Living Up to All the Promises


Windows 10 SMicrosoft talks about how they protect important files or information on their system from hackers with Windows 10 S. They are so serious about locking the information down that they prevent users from using any apps that are not Microsoft made. This is most likely so there are no possibilities for hackers or viruses to access Windows 10 S through unknown or suspicious apps. Even so, a company decided to test this theory and gained some surprising results.

Microsoft touts that Windows 10 S is not affected by any known ransomware. This is to try to sell people on trusting their product and relying on them. This specific piece of information was tested by an outside party to see if it was true. As it turns out, Microsoft’s security with Windows 10 S was not all it was cracked up to be.

The people at ZDNet saw that Microsoft claimed no known ransomware runs on Windows 10 S and hired a security firm to try and hack the operating service. They bought a Surface Laptop, which had Windows 10 S, and installed plenty of security programs that were pretty high-caliber. Matthew Hickey, a security researcher and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Hacker House, worked on the laptop to see if ransomware would run on operating service. It took three hours.

According to Hickey, running the ransomware on Microsoft 10 S was easier than expected. He was surprised by how some elements of the system were organized and was anticipating the feat to be different or more difficult to overcome. He would have preferred more restrictions to privileged processes.

Certain slip-ups or actions like this do not bode well for Microsoft. There are other factors besides Windows 10 S being hacked that could potentially add to the poorer image. Microsoft had some of its source code leaked.

This cannot be summed up as a rumor because a spokesperson from Microsoft confirmed the information. Because this is true, it created an embarrassing moment for the company. All the assurances they have made about Windows 10 S have been damaged by tests like the one performed by Hickey. In the future, Microsoft may want to fortify their system so this can be prevented. This way, Windows 10 S and future projects will fully live up to their name.

Written by Winslow Redmond
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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