Tupac Painted the World With His Words

Tupac Painted the World With His Words



Tupac Amaru Shakur was originally born Lesane Parish Crooks. His parents felt he needed a stronger, more powerful name after his birth and renamed him after a South American revolutionary. It truly fit him and he lived up to it. Tupac was a passionate individual, who led many crowds with his music. This included crowds that were not within the black community.

According to Naij.com, “Eminem wrote an open letter to Tupac’s mother in 2008. He thanked Afeni Shakur for her son.” He was clearly an inspiration to all kinds of people.

It was also confirmed through The Washington Post that Tupac and Madonna dated around 1995. The article discusses how, “it coincided with his time at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility for sexual assault and in it, Tupac seemed to admit to breaking up with Madonna because she was white.”

It was explained that he had to ditch Madonna while he was in jail, via the letter, because it was going to make him look like a hypocrite. He was talking about many negative events happening to black people and the black power movement in his music but he was running around with a white woman. This was not a good look for his rap career and he knew and understood his reputation.

He had a good representation as far as music goes, but he had a difficult reputation when it came to the streets. He was comfortable discussing some occurrences in the streets within his music.

According to the Washington Post, “Tupac’s parents were Black Panthers.” His music presented some of the many issues happening within the black community such as poverty and violence that his parents were fighting for in their movement.

His lyrics were often tinged with anger at the systematic oppression of black Americans. On “Words of Wisdom” for example, he rapped:

Emancipation Proclamation? Please, Lincoln just said that to save the nation, These are lies that we all accepted.

He spoke his mind and the truth well. He was fearless to say what many did not have the courage to say. This is why Tupac’s death was not just any ordinary death. It is explained through the website OZY, “that everyone knew where they were at and what they were doing the night Tupac was killed.” Additionally, L.T. Hutton explains that, “we assumed that it was just another incident that nobody would remember. But everyone who cares to remember, remembers because it was the night Tupac was shot.”

Tupac will never be forgotten because of the work he produced during his time on Earth.

Written by Alexandria Martin
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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