Sneaky Bronchitis

Sneaky Bronchitis

I Never Knew I Had Bronchitis



It was a cool spring day to sit on the porch. After a while, the night air became too cold, so my brothers and I headed inside.

I like to be around my boy cousins and brothers because they are so funny unlike the girls, who only care about gossip, hairstyles, and how many followers and posts they have on Twitter.

I decided to go into the room with my brothers because I heard their loud laughter. I opened the door and a big white cloud of smoke smacked me in the face. As I coughed and tried to catch my breath, someone told me to get out and close the door. I sat in the kitchen for a little while until I heard my sisters arguing over a sweater. I knew I had to disappear before they noticed I was in the kitchen; they always expect me to pick a side even though their arguments have nothing to do with me.

I ran back in the room with my brothers, and these boys were still smoking. Nevertheless, I refused to deal with those angry girls, so I stayed anyway. We were all laughing and talking until I started choking uncontrollably. My brothers opened the window, cleared the smoke out, and gave me water. I said, “I don’t wanna go to the hospital, I just need some fresh air.”

It was getting late and everyone was going to bed except me. I still could not fully catch my breath. I tossed and turned for hours until I started having hot flashes. I started to fall asleep, but my nose and throat felt like they were both closing. I began taking my clothes off and turning on fans but everyone else was cold.

The ambulance came to get me and took me to West Suburban Hospital. I waited for 20-30 minutes, barely able to breathe.

A nurse finally called my name and led me to a small room where she checked my vitals and ran tests to see what was the problem. Next thing I knew, I was waking up with tubes in my nose and an IV needle was being slowly pushed into the top of my hand. After sticking me three times, the unprofessional nurse finally hit the vain correctly.

A different nurse came in and asked me if I could come with her to take an X-ray. I told her I was not ready and I needed more oxygen. However, she took the tubes out of my nose and pushed me on the rolling bed into the other room. This made my mom worry even more, because the first nurse did not know what she was doing. Who knew if any of these nurses were properly trained? So, I am trying to breathe and stand up in front of this X-ray machine, but I felt myself going down. I woke up to my mom saying my name in a panicked voice. I passed out again.

The doctor came into the room with my results. I was put back on oxygen and given a breathing treatment. He said I had bronchitis.

How did I get bronchitis at age 16? I do not know where it came from but I am now 100 percent sure that I had this inflammation in my bronchi.

Written by Tanisha Jones
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Tanisha Jones