National French Fry Day Serves Up Freebies and Deals

National French Fry Day Serves Up Freebies and Deals


French Fry

National French Fry Day has arrived to celebrate the fried potato favorite on Thursday, July 13, 2017. On this momentous occasion, a few restaurants are serving up French fry freebies and deals for the yummy treats.

National fast food giants, McDonald’s and Burger King, famous for burgers and fries, are not joining in on the celebration. Wendy’s seems to be out of the loop for the celebratory fry day as well. Even more surprising is the regional favorite, Nathan’s, well-known for their fries as much as their hot dogs, has not even made mention of the occasion this year.

For 2016 Nathan’s did remark on their Facebook page:

At Nathan’s, every day is #NationalFrenchFryDay.

Freebies and Deals Found to Observe National French Fry Day

To commemorate the day honoring an American favorite food, several eateries are using National French Fry Day as a way to celebrate the side dish loved by so many. With some know-how and special ordering, all can find their French Fry favorites from numerous national restaurant food chains.

  • Dairy Queen is known for more than just their ice cream. On July 13, the fast-food company is serving up an order of small fries for just $1 at a few of its locations.
  • The hot growing BurgerFi chain is offering up free regular fries with any order of a hot dog or burger on National French Fry Day.
  • For those who want to celebrate the day with sweet potato fries, then Bob Evans Resturant is happy to play host. Simply download and print their coupon to get a free order of the special sweet fries when making another purchase on July 13.
  • Houlihan’s is looking to help satisfy cheesy French fry cravings with their deal at participating locations. Anyone who buys parmesan frites, or regular fries, on the day of celebration, will get free refills.
  • Wienerschnitzel has turned the special day into a month-long celebratory event. Download the coupon to get $1 off an order of chili-cheese fries during the month of July.
  • Several Johnny Rockets locations applaud the French Fry all year by giving unlimited fries after an initial purchase.

The French Fry Was Actually Born in Belgium

The favorite side dish’s history traces the fried potato stick back to the late 1600s in Belgium. Stories state the origin of the French Fry came out of Meuse Valley when the villagers sought to satisfy hunger during the winter. In the colder months, a frozen river made fishing unfeasible, forced them to find another food source. The people in the valley found that the root plant of the hardy potato allowed for them to slice and fry it in much of the same way they did fish.

World War I brought American soldiers to Belgium where they tasted and enjoyed the fried potatoes. With French being the language spoken in Belgium, the soldiers gave the sliced piece of fried potato the name French Fry. The name became the dish’s official moniker, although in the U.K. it is often referred to as chips.

By Carol Ruth Weber
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Ande_Hazel’s Pixabay Page – Creative Commons License

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