Kim Kardashian Puts Cocaine Rumor to Rest

Kim Kardashian Puts Cocaine Rumor to Rest


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is finally putting the cocaine rumor to rest. While in her hotel room, Kardashian had taken a video of herself standing in front of a marble table. People viewing the video thought they saw cocaine lines on the table.

However, Kardashian thought the lines in the table were actually sweet candy that she had given to her children earlier that day, when she had taken them to Dylan’s Candy Bar. She thought they were just Pixie Sticks powder her children had simply left on the table.

Upon returning to her hotel room, Kardashian realized, what she had earlier believed to be from the Pixie Sticks were actually indentations in the marble table. By that time, her video had gone viral on Snapchat. Thus to her viewers, the video she had posted seemed to show a table with a couple of cocaine lines.

Kardashian instantly took to Twitter Wednesday, July 12, 2017, stating “Just a Table.” Her Twitter statement appeared with a couple of laughing emojis next to it. Kardashian’s second tweet stated: “OMG you guys!!! Check my Snapchats or Instachat stories I’m crying!!! That was not candy on my table! The table was marble this whole time!”

She later made the following announcement on social media: “Okay, you guys, I just got back to my hotel room and look at this table — same position, it’s still there.”

Kardashian demonstrated to her fans that marks on the table were still visible, proving that they were not lines of cocaine. The reality TV star has young children and wanted people to know that she was not into drugs as a lifestyle.

She followed up on social media with a series of Instagram posts that showed people the marks were not drugs, but just natural indentations that typically appear on marble tables.

Kardashian remarked that when it comes to rumors like this, one has to quickly take to social media and resolve the misunderstanding. According to her, rumors like this could cause a lot of problems with friends and acquaintances.

Though her initial reaction to the marks on the table was to say it was just sugar ended up being wrong, Kardashian was able to provide evidence that the lines were simply indentations in the marble used to fashion the table.

Written by Ebony Webb
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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