John McCain Says He Will Return Soon

John McCain Says He Will Return Soon



After having a blood clot above his left eye removed, Sen. John McCain was told that he has a brain tumor relating to the clot. He is currently receiving treatment and recuperating at home. He has assured the country he will return as soon as possible.

His friends in Congress are informing the people on his condition, as more is revealed. McCain is remaining positive throughout this endeavor.

McCain’s colleagues in the Senate are kept up to date on his condition. They are aware of his recovery progress and can gauge when he might return to his seat.

More information is being released and McCain is recovering well enough to make an appearance and update the people himself.

Currently, the people can assume McCain will be back in his Congressional seat soon, ready and willing to work. Despite his serious diagnosis, McCain seems to be bouncing back into action fast.

Written by Winslow Redmond
Edited by Jeanette Smith


USNews: The Latest: McCain Says He’s Grateful and Will Return Soon

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