Instagram and the AI System Blocks Offensive Comments

Instagram and the AI System Blocks Offensive Comments


InstagramIt has been announced that Instagram made a change to their app, on June 29, 2017, regarding the ability to block offensive comments and find the deeper meaning that applies to such words. This change will be made available to the users of this internet app worldwide.

The AI system is a filtering process, but Instagram does not use the typical filters within the app. It is an enhanced comment filter that allows posts to be made visible to select audiences, such as the one who made the remark and the owner of the page, if they feel comfortable with the comment. 

If the owner of the page frequently receives negative comments, the AI system can reject the comments. This also works to reduce large amounts of spam friend requests that an Instagram user receives.

According to The Verge, “An AI filter system has secretly been in place since October.” It has been on by default, but the power to change it is in the settings category. Having social media accounts, such as Instagram, and the luxury of being able to block certain things, such as comments, features, and even people, appeals to social media users.

The Telegraph explains that, “Instagram is cracking down on trolls who post racist and sexist comments.” They are working to eliminate this problem. This is the latest way to get rid of the occasional, yet persistent, cyberbully.

This is how this system works, Instagram has “trained a machine learning algorithm to read every comment posted and hide them if they are deemed abusive.” Using this system, Instagram is viewed in a more positive light. It is developing technology that has not been made available on other social media applications.

The AI system, also known as DeepText “mimics the way language works and is broken down in the human brain.” This helps to distinguish whether the words are really harmful or not.

Instagram’s motive to develop this program is a win-win on both sides: It makes the photo sharing app standout, and helps their users feel safer. This change is a great way to promote unity throughout this social media app, as a whole. Users, eventually, will not have to use the blocking feature on their account or to even delete their accounts due to harassing comments.

Written by Alexandria Martin
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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