‘Facebook Messenger’ Update Comes With Adverts

‘Facebook Messenger’ Update Comes With Adverts


Facebook Messenger

Facebook announced, during an developer’s conference in April 2017, that the “Facebook Messenger” update comes with advertisements. Businesses will be able to communicate with customers online and vice versa.

Mark Zuckerberg told shareholders he expected “Messenger” to provide revenue within five years. Facebook receives 85 percent of its revenue from the mobile FB app.

One-hundred developers built a new discover tab for “Messenger,” and made communication between users and businesses possible. “Facebook Messenger” has roughly 1.2 billion users monthly. Adding adverts inside the app can retain a lot of revenue. Due to the overcrowding on the mobile Facebook app, developers needed to find other locations to place ads.

Facebook Financial Officer David Wehner said, “The company wanted to avoid overloading its core Facebook app and Instagram app with paid-for content.”

The same exact tools used to buy advertising space in the other Facebook apps will also be used in the “Messenger” app.

Facebook Messenger’s head of product stated, “Advertising is not necessarily everything, but its definitely how were are going to make money right now.”

These ads are targeted to the reader, like the ones that appear on the News Feed. They will be located on the Home tab. When a user clicks on an advertisement, it will connect them to either the webpage or messenger box that will allow users to communicate with a brand.

Adverts will only appear on the app’s inbox list, not in the actual conversation. Users will also be able to temporarily hide some of the ads.

Businesses will also be allowed to send an unprompted message only if they have had a previous conversation with the user.

Marketing Week Content Editor Sarah Vizard stated, “Facebook has been looking around for different ways to make money from Facebook Messenger and obviously shifted its strategy so people can try to accept ads.”

Facebook first tested this feature in Australia and Thailand. The “Facebook Messenger” update came with advertisements.

Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger’s head of product, said Facebook will start off slow with ads. “When the average user can be sure to see them we truly do not know because were just going to be very data-driven and user-feedback driven on making that decision.”

Written by Nicole Thompson
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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