Donald Trump Is Not on Real Time

Donald Trump Is Not on Real Time


Donald Trump

On June 28,2017, CNN Politics informed the public that Donald Trump made yet another publicity stunt, creating a phony Time magazine cover of himself, which was discovered at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

It is to no surprise that Trump went through many lengths to create a phony cover. According to CNN Politics, “Trump has never been big on details.” Trump did not even take the time to ensure the plagiarism fit the real magazine cover’s guidelines.

Most importantly, this cover was about Trump and that is all that mattered to him. Therefore, it was not seen as a problem to him. “He’s willing to use the credibility of the media to boost himself when it serves his purpose.” Even if the source is not credible itself, the media covering the false source will add to his purpose.

In addition to creating the phony magazine cover, whomever is to blame, Trump confidently made the decision to place them in his many golf clubs. It has been reported that this issue may have been overlooked had a CNN reporter not arrived at one of his clubs.

It can be implied that because he has had so many covers in the past, this one might have gone unnoticed. Therefore, it was not identified as incorrect. It takes a real CNN official to be able to distinguish the real magazines from the fake. Civilians payed no attention to this issue, as they may have been aware of his previous covers. CNN politics describes Trump as having, “A flexible definition of true.”

The choice to put Trump on the cover of a fake Time magazine further exposes him within the media. “Appearing on the cover of that magazine means something to people. That it’s a sign of success, tangible evidence of the winning he so often talks about.” This is the statement that he lives for and always wants to make.

This attitude from Trump is seen most vibrantly by his not disputing the creation of this magazine cover. It is clear that he has no remorse for this occurrence, as CNN explained, the Trump administration did not want to speak about it immediately. Yet, whether he did it or not, Time magazine is ordering that he remove it as soon as possible.

Written by Alexandria Martin
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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