Disney World Helps Family Celebrate Adoption With Mickey Mouse

Disney World Helps Family Celebrate Adoption With Mickey Mouse


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Elijah and Janielle Gilmour received some surprising news from Mickey Mouse! They learned the news about their adoption while living with their foster parents, who they have lived with for almost 3 years.

The Gilmour children knew they were going to be adopted soon, but they believed it was going to be after the school year was over. Foster mother Courtney Gilmour, of Portland, Pennsylvania, decided to break the news during their family trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, in April.

While the family was at Disney World, they received Star Wars celebration buttons to write the reason for their celebration at the park. The parents wrote, “Adopting our kids.” The children wrote, “Being adopted.” Afterward, the mom took a picture of the buttons and posted it on Twitter with the hashtag “Walt Disney World.”

Within minutes of posting the tweet she received messages from Disney World offering to make the family’s vacation a little more remarkable. She thought they were going to dessert to the family’s dinner.

Instead of adding dessert, Disney World arranged for a special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse; they had pictures taken and their autograph books signed. The children were emotional about the news, and nobody expected them to have that reaction. Janielle responded to the surprise by saying, “I’ve been going through a lot and it feels amazing to be adopted.”

The family video racked up 1.4 million views with the help from Disney World.

Written by Tyreese Butler
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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