Chris Paul Believes Trade Is Good for Him

Chris Paul Believes Trade Is Good for Him



Chris Paul parts ways with the Los Angeles Clippers and is heading to Houston to play alongside James Harden.

He spent six years as the starting point guard and is reportedly one of the best in the NBA. After falling short in the playoffs for six straight seasons due to season-ending injuries and team cooperation. He believes it is best to continue his career on a different path.

The trade was announced on June 28, 2017, according to The Bleacher Report. Paul was traded to the Rockets for 2017 All-Defensive first team guard Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins, Kyle Wiltjer, and a 2018 first-round pick. Paul and Harden had previous conversations regarding teaming up and always believed that they could achieve greatness together.

It was also said that he and Clippers coach Glenn (Doc) Rivers did not see eye to eye very often since Paul felt Doc showed favoritism to his son Austin Rivers who is a backup point guard.

Rivers appeared to act as though he deserved some form of royal treatment just because of his dad, not only the coach but the president of the L.A. Clippers basketball operations. The team was very cognizant of the situation. They brought it to the backup guard’s attention but did not get the results they wanted. He showed his true colors, and it led to disagreement to the rest of the team. This problem was prevalent, and it showed in the locker room.

Paul and the rest of the team also noticed how different Doc’s reactions were when it came to another player’s mistakes. He harped on them but did not give his son the same grief.

Ultimately, the reason Paul lost faith in Head Coach Doc Rivers was over a trade disagreement last season. Paul wanted to bring Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles but Rivers did not complete the trade. Part of the problem, Paul believed, was that the coach’s son Austin was involved in the decision. Not making the trade caused concern that Rivers did not have the best interest of the team in mind. This is why Paul contends that his transfer to Houston will be a good move.

Written by A. Jonathan Seabrook
Edited by Cathy Milne


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