Bronx Officer Murdered While on Duty

Bronx Officer Murdered While on Duty



Miosotis Familia was a Bronx police detective, who was murdered in the line of duty, on July 5, 2017.

There was no evidence of any altercations or other situations that could have possibly led to her death. However, it was on record that on July 5, her killer, Alexander Bonds, “made an ominous call to his sister, was hospitalized in June, and expressed to his Aunt that he wanted to kill someone.” It was clear his girlfriend knew Bonds was out of control, based on his previous actions and health background.

A New York Times headline read, “Ex-prisoner finally found stability before killing police officer.” Yet, it was reported that his girlfriend had made three 911 calls, prior to him killing Miosotis. She expressed that he was in a manic state and had left their Bronx apartment.

Bond had set out to do, what he said he was going to do. He was going to take the life of someone in his Bronx community.

Miosotis was on duty when Bonds, a manic depressive man, approached her vehicle. She was not far from his home and Bonds opened fire and shot her in the head.

This was an unexpected tragedy. There is no record of Miosotis having any previous contact with Bonds or physical/verbal altercations.

Miosotis took pride in caring for her family and serving her community. Reportedly, she not only served her Bronx community, she also took care of her children and elderly mother.

The Bronx Police force and family she left behind has been pictured on numerous occasions, as heartbroken.

According to Bronx Police Commissioner James O’Neil, “She was killed solely because she wore a uniform.”

Miosotis and her partner were parked at West 183rd Street, in the Bronx, because of multiple occurrences of gun-violence and gang activity.

O’Neill expressed his anger over Miosotis’s death at her funeral service in the Bronx. He questioned: “Where are the demonstrations for the single mom who cared for her elderly mother and three children? There is anger and sorrow, but why is there no outrage?”

Written By Alexandria Martin
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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