Beyonce Big Baby News

Beyonce Big Baby News



Beyoncé and Jay Z allow rumors that continue to surface because no one has made a statement about the new additions to the family. No one but the family knows if the babies were born or their names. All the public knows is the rumor that Beyoncé may have had the babies.

Reports from USA Today News indicate they have welcomed the twins, a boy and girl. Allegedly, their names are “Sir and Rumi Carter.” In the middle of June 2017, sources from CNN reported that the babies had been born.

It seems as though just yesterday they were confirming reports of Beyoncé’s pregnancy with the twins. The golden couple recently trademarked the names Sir Carter and Rumi Carter for products such as baby clothing, teething rings, and baby carriages indicating that these will be the babies’ names.

Even a photo has surfaced of them both carrying the twins out of the hospital to the car are more hints that the babies are already here. Sir and Rumi are reportedly healthy and cleared by doctors. Blue Ivy seems to be happy being a big sister to both of her siblings. While waiting for more good new from the Carters, all tours have been put on hold for Beyoncé. Jay Z dropped a new album named “4:44” release on June 30, 2017 streaming on Tidal.

What is catching everyone’s eye is the card Beyoncé’s father posted on Instagram on June 18. The Los Angeles Times reports Mathew Knowles has confirmed the birth of the babies with a post that reads “Happy Birthday Twins Love granddad” and a caption that says “They’re here.” The day before, Beyoncé’s mother made a post that appears to have confirmed the twins may have been born.

The big question is why they delayed speaking to the public or released a statement about the twins. Fans were itching to know the truth but Beyoncé and Jay Z were looking out for their children. Hopefully, Sir and Rumi will soon be spotted in public and official statements will be made.

Written by Ebony Webb
Edited by C.Milne and J.Smith


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