Award Winning Performer 89-Year-Old Martin Landau Dies

Award Winning Performer 89-Year-Old Martin Landau Dies



Martin Landau passed away on July 16, 2017. He was 89 years old. His publicist explained that the performer died unexpectedly during a short stay in a Los Angeles hospital.

No further details about the cause of death have been released. He leaves behind his ex-wife and former Mission Impossible co-star. Barbara Bain and Landau have two daughters, Susan and Juliet.

Landau’s Impressive Acting Career

In 1951, Landau tried his hand at summer theater in Maine. During that time, he performed in two plays, an off-Broadway show entitled, “First Love” and “Detective Story.”

July 17, marks the 64th anniversary of his first TV appearance. The program “The Ultimate Goldbergs” first aired in 1953, with co-stars Patsy O’Shea and Willam Martin.

Landau and Steve McQueen were the only two people, out of hundreds of applicants, admitted to the Actor’s Studio education program in 1955 in New York.

While performing in the Broadway play, “Middle of the Night,” he was acknowledged for his ability. The play opened in in New York City on Feb. 8, 1956. He toured with the play until they arrived in Los Angeles.

There he began his big-screen career, which includes: “North by Northwest” with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in 1959; and “Pork Chop Hill” with Gregory Peck and Rip Torn.

In 1994, Landau played Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood.” He starred along side greats like Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker, and his own daughter, Juliet.

According to IMDb, in 2017 he played Abe in “The Last Poker Game; in post-production is “Without Ward;” and in pre-production is “Nate & Al.” Landau has 177 actors credits, he won numerous awards for his performances including one Oscar.

By Cathy Milne


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